Summer environmental courses

The following summer courses have been approved for credit in the Environmental & Sustainability Studies minor. For information on the minor program, see the ESS web page.

Group 1 — Liberal Arts, Social and Cultural Studies
ENGL 1302 Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing II – “Writing Argument, Thinking Green” Section 005 Wallace
Group 2 — Natural Sciences and Engineering
BIOL 2343 Evolution & Ecology 001 Meik
SCIE 4392 Selected Topics in Science — Science: Discovery & Impact Honors study abroad Henry
Group 3 — Architecture and Urban & Public Affairs
ARCH 4395 Selected topics in Architecture — Repurposing Materials in Architecture, Art, and Design TBA Dye
CIRP 4391 Studies in City & Regional Planning — Climate Change and Urban Planning in the North Texas Metroplex TBA Howard

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