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North Central Texas Campus Climate Summit

On October 28th UTA hosted the North Central Texas Campus Climate Summit. The event was co-sponsored by the University of Texas at Arlington, the National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology Program and the Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability. The student groups involved with bringing this event to campus were:

Air & Waste Management Association at UTA

Environmental Society at UTA

International Business Society at UTA

Student Planning Association at UTA

UTA Volunteers

The first-ever North Central Texas Campus Climate Summit brought together over 50 participants from 15 different universities and colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The summit provided opportunities for faculty, students, staff and administrators from the region to get together to share ideas, best practices and resources to accelerate climate change and sustainability solutions. The main themes explored were 1) Transforming the Curriculum to Address Eco-literacy 2) Green Workforce Development and 3) Comprehensive Greening of Campus Operations.

NCTCCS Website

Program and Agenda

Mission Statement

Presentation Files

Workshop Descriptions

Sponsors and Organizers

Forum Discussion on Parking Lots and Campus Sustainability, April 24

On Friday, April 24, the Environmental Society will host a forum discussion open to the university community and the general public.

Location: Pedernales Room, Upper Level, E.H. Hereford University Center, U.T. Arlington
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, Friday, 24th April 2009

This event is part of a growing effort to develop conscientious discussion on the many problems associated with parking lots on campus. All members of the university community are invited to participate and share their views, opinions and ideas. We hope this discussion will allow the university community to better understand and review the vital decisions being taken by university administration related to parking lots on campus.

HR 2174 and HB 3424

Representative Vicki Truitt has introduced several bills in Austin designed to eliminate/reduce one of the single biggest sources of our poor air quality: the dirty (wet) cement manufacturing process. The dirty (wet) cement kilns of Midlothian burn toxic waste and send the pollution to us via southerly winds (yum!).

There are two pieces of proposed legislation that need your help to get out of committee. The contact information of the key committee members is listed here. You can check the content of the legislation by clicking here and typing in HR 2174 and/or HB 3424.

Give these people a call. They need to hear from you.

Kelly Hancock (512) 463-0599
Ft. Worth (817) 590-9280

Marc Veasey (817) 590-9280
Ft. Worth (512) 463-0716

Jim Dunham (512) 463-0508
Waco (254) 753-8546
(Clinton is leg. aid)

Todd Smith (512) 463-0522
Bedford (817) 283-3131

Linda Harper Brown (512) 463-0641
Irving (972) 401-8825

Yvonne Davis (512) 463-0598
Dallas (214) 941-3895

Wayne Smith (512) 463-0733
Baytown (832) 556-2002

AWMA Tour: Industrial Visit to Holcim Cement, Friday, 27th March 2009

The Student Chapter of Air & Waste Management Association – UTA has scheduled a visit to Holcim Cement Plant on Friday the 27th of March. Participants will learn about various equipment such as baghouses, ESPs (Electro-Static Precipitators), SNCR unit, and SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) scrubbers that are used to treat output process-air streams.

The group will leave the campus at around 1.00 p.m. and carpool to the destined plant.They will visit the plant between 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., and will be back to campus before 6:00 p.m. If interested, please send in your name, UTA- ID # (students), contact information and Shoe Sizes (for the Safety Shoes) to (Dr. M. Sattler, Faculty Advisor, AWMA – Student Chapter) or (Parthen Parikh- President AWMA – Student Chapter) at the earliest.

AWMA invites you to its first general meeting, Jan. 30

Hello everyone!

The UT Arlington Student Chapter of Air & Waste Management Association invites all UT Arlington students, faculty and staff to the first general meeting this semester on Friday, 30th January 2009 at 4:00 p.m. in Room 414 (4th floor) Nedderman Hall.

Let’s get a taste for Environmental Infotainment this Spring! The events and activities this semester are based on the theme “Environmental Awareness”.
Agenda for the first general meeting:

The Student President, Parthen Parikh, will briefly introduce all attendees to the purpose, history and activities of the Air & Waste Management Association. All are welcome to participate in an interactive environmental game that follows. Interested persons may pre-register for ‘Posterrazzi’ – a fun activity to be held this semester.

Everyone is encouraged to sign up as a volunteer for the National Teach-In 2009 Event, a grand activity being conducted by our fellow organization — The Environmental Society.

Queries and comments? Please email

The Secretary
UT Arlington Student Chapter
Air & Waste Management Association