Shanghai to Suzhou

This morning we checked out of our hotel in Shanghai and drove to Suzhou. Almost 3 hours later we arrived at our hotel in Suzhou (Marco Polo) and quickly headed to the Crown Plaza for lunch. The food and the view were amazing!

After lunch we visited Emerson Climate Technologies, a company that specializes in manufacturing and sales of climate technologies and tools, storage, process management, network power, and industrial automation. However, air conditioning is their main product.

As of 2012 they had more than 16,000 employees and $3.8 billion in sales. Emerson is present in Latin America, Europe, theMiddle East, Asia, United States, and Canada. In 1991 China was producing 13% of the sales in Asia specific and as of 2012 that number has increased to over 50%. The company’s future plan is to continue growing and innovating new products as quickly as possible due to rapid technological growth.

Later in the afternoon, we drove to Zhouzhuang, a town about 30 minutes from Suzhou. The mayor of the town provided us with information, history, and his plan to create a “smart or high-tech” town of the future.

We were all invited to have dinner with the mayor and his guests. The food was delicious! After dinner we went for a tour of Village Water Market, a place so beautiful and almost unreal. Because we all had a very long day, most of us slept in the bus on the way back to our hotel. We’re resting for more adventures tomorrow!

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