Suzhou Industrial Park

Today, we hopped back onto the bus, bound for Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). The SIP is a product of cooperation betweenthe governments of Singapore and China to create a comprehensive, globally competitive, high-tech park for business development.

After a tour of the museum, we were escorted to the observation tower for a birds-eye view of the park. The view was impressive, compounded by the magnitude of the progress made in 20 years to transform the once vast farmland into the hub of industry it is today. According to Dr. Rasheed, chair, UTA Department of Management, the park has grown tremendouslysince his last visit in 2007.

Our next stop was Black and Decker. The conference room was every handyman’s dream: the entire back wall of the room was covered in power tools.

The plant manager gave a brief yet detailed presentation followed by a tour. Multiple stations dotted the shop floor with numerous workers assigned to specific tasks in the manufacturing chain.

After the tour, the afternoon was free to roam the busy shopping district behind the hotel. Exchanging money at a local bank was definitely an interesting endeavor. The teller counted the money five times, handed the money to a co-worker for a second round of counting, then counted the cash again before finally handing it over.

Once we finally had Yen in hand, we explored the shopping district, where we bargained for a new suitcase, socks, and shoes, and even found a Dairy Queen for a taste of home.

UTA EMBA students Nicole Galloway, Teresa Hebert, and Niusha Daem shopping in Suzhou.

Next stop: Beijing!!!

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