Day 2 Commences

A few of us took a walk after breakfast to see the neighborhood. We got to see the downtown area, which was incredible. On the way back to the hotel we took Benjin Road, where we got to see more of the traditional shops and people in the street. We even happened upon a wedding!

Day 1 in Shanghai

The Shanghai cityscape at night is incredible and breathtaking!

Tonight we got to meet the new students in the Chinese EMBA program, who begin in December here in Shanghai. We shared a wonderful dinner together with our new friends!

Greetings from Shanghai, China!

What a whirlwind to get here, but we finally made it!

At the airport at 5 a.m., we were tired but excited to begin our journey. First stop: Chicago, for a brief layover; then, we hopped aboard our next flight for the 14.5-hour trek to Shanghai. Yes, the flight was long, but that did not stop our group from making the most of it. Much to the dismay of the flight attendants, every few hours, clusters would form throughout the cabin for chat-breaks and leg-stretching.

Brenda Mayorga, Niusha Daem, Sara Tadayan, Shannon Soland, Amit Marty

Excited and re-energized, we boarded the bus bound for our hotel.

The bright, warm day provided the perfect setting to take our first glimpses of China. The first thing that registers is the seeming limitlessness of the land, endless miles of sky-high buildings dotted with fields of green. Next, through the endless construction, one quickly confirms the progress for which China is famous.

Driving into the heart of the city, we crossed the famous Huangpu River.

The city is beautiful. Skyscrapers surround a central park full of lush landscaping and stone paths.

After check-in and a quick hour to refresh, we headed back out to explore the city and grab dinner at a local Szechuan-style restaurant two blocks from the hotel. A tasty ending to a busy day full of new experiences…

Today we have the morning free to explore downtown. The afternoon will begin with presentations from U.S.-based businessmen, a meet-and-greet with local Shanghai alumni, and end with a dinner cruise along the Huangpu River. More to come…

First night in Shanghai

We arrived at the hotel and are settling in for the night. But it’s hard to rest when the view from our hotel is this beautiful!

View from our hotel. Very beautiful ☺

We have arrived!

After landing in Shanghai, we gathered our luggage and are ready for adventure.

In shanghai airport :)
On the bus and heading into Shanghai.

The Adventure Begins!

Good (early) morning from DFW International Airport! We’re ready to begin our adventure—but first, a very long flight is ahead. Next stop, China!

2013 UTA EMBA China Immersion Trip Departs Tomorrow

Tomorrow we depart for our two-week immersion trip to China. We’re so excited to share our experiences as we explore businesses and culture in China. Stay tuned!