Teacher Induction: Building Digital Community

Thriving in your first years of teaching! Open to all new teachers

About UTA Teacher Induction


This digital community is open to all educators beyond UT Arlington! Our goal is open, access, networking, and support!

The goal of the UT Arlington digital community for recent grads and current students in Curriculum and Instruction is to provide social and academic support as new teachers learn to transition from the university environment into their first years (years 0-3) of classroom teaching. A digital environment is ideal because it provides flexibility and opportunities to learn, dialogue, and provide an ongoing support network.

Overarching Goals:

Focus: 1) support new teachers (0-3 years experience) 2) support pre-service teachers 3) provide informal knowledge sharing in both hierarchal ways (e.g., links to UTA videos, information, modules, etc.) and non-hierarchical (e.g., peer support) ways 4) use of innovative and synchronous technologies to support ongoing learning of cutting-edge and high needs topics for all students and 5) general building of community of UTA students and faculty.


Participatory and collaborative

Web 2.0

Synchronous learning tools [webinar with live chat features]

Connectivism and distributed learning

Digital transformations in K-12 and higher ed; we need to be on board  with 21st century learning; using tools in isolation won’t get us there

Public Sphere

Networked Society

Digital Natives/Millennials

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with those of us seeking to become educators. Your advice is priceless.

    Elln Poli

    13 Sep 13 at 4:14 pm     Reply

  2. You are welcome, Ellen! Thanks for reading the blog! Please let other know! -Dr. Semingson

    Peggy Semingson

    15 Sep 13 at 6:34 pm     Reply

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