3345 – Dr. May – Blog #1

For our first reading assignment, we read a blog post written by Dr. May himself. The post discussed various aspects of the controversial topic of electronic literature. Dr. May begins his article by speaking on the constantly growing problem of student’s being overwhelmed by reading assignments. Initially, I was very surprised on Dr. May’s stance on the issue, as he sympathizes with the student. I thought it was particularly interesting how he mentioned the student’s dilemma of attempting to read and balance the life expected from a college student. The most interesting part, I thought, was when Dr. May discusses how students tend to get caught up with reading as a sort of requirement to learn a specific fact, usually for a test or something of the sort. Of course, being a college student, I can very easily relate to this. I also agree that this is what reading in college has become. When I was younger, I loved to read, and spent many hours at the library. However, once high school started, I found reading became more of a hassle, and less of an escape. I almost always tried to find an excuse to get out of my reading,¬†admittedly resorting to Wikipedia or Sparknotes on many occasions. This problem only grew larger in college, with many professors assigning lengthy and dry material, and expecting students to retain a completely random or¬†asinine detail from it. It was until last semester, however, when I was allowed to return back into the more enjoyable and fulfilling style of reading. I took a few courses with Dr. Sasser, and she had very similar ideas to Dr. May of what reading should be, and what it has become. In fact, it was upon Dr. Sasser’s recommendation that I took this course. When reading the material in her courses, I not only felt as if I were reading for pleasure, but I also felt like I took more knowledge out of the reading itself. I am very much looking forward to the semester with Dr. May, as his views on reading and its future are very intriguing.

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