UTA Planetarium features Mayan Prophecies show

UT Arlington Planetarium located in the Chemistry & Physics building

The University of Texas at Arlington Planetarium will feature The Mayan Prophecies film guiding audiences through the Mayans astronomy, math and culture.

Mayan Prophecies exhibit on the big screen dome taking audiences through the cities of Tikal, Palenque, Chichen, Itza and Uxima. The film presents knowledge of astronomy Mayans portrayed by aligning their temples to the moon first to make a calendar that predicts the future, second for rituals and lastly for connection with their gods. In the movie Mayan Prophecies producers display math, astronomy and earth science Mayans used day to day.

“There are different types of astronomy and where Mayan culture came from…Mayan culture is interesting and people would be interested in it,” program Coordinator Amy Barraclough said. “Our audiences for this show are usually part time students or educators.”

Due to graphic Mayan rituals the movie has parental warning. This production will showcase from March and all through May the UTA Planetarium website has directions and more information of other shows.