Artistic Response To War. (ENGL 2329.016)

When this assignment was given to me I knew I wanted to do something more recent because I have a lot of friends who are either overseas currently, or have gone over seas with the Military. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to be in the Military, much less travel to another country and fight for America. As I started looking for photos I found a few that I liked. I stumbled across the photo I chose and it brought up so many questions. The photo shows hundreds of men strapped in to a military plane on their way to Afghanistan in 2011. I began to wonder, how far away are they from reaching the war zone?  How many of those men have already been to war? How many of these men are going to war for the first time? I imagine as they get closer to their destination they probably don’t talk much. To me this is the beginning of the stress. All those men are already carrying burdens before they even land at their base. Some of them have children and wives, while others are fresh out of high school.  I’m sure many of them are thinking about the possibility that they might never make it back to the U.S. For those men who have already gone on tour, they might have lost a friend and fellow soldier. That is a huge burden to carry around which we see when reading “The things they carried”. All in all I chose this photo because it IS real life, it is recent, and it is the beginning of the weight “carried” during war.

(Photo is from the following website):

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