Artistic Response to War

War Horse Trailer | War Horse Photo

War Horse, a recent movie, depicts the view of a horse as it endures WWI. The horse, Joey, was raised by Albert (which developed a very strong bond between the two) but was unfortunately sold to the army due to the family’s debt. Throughout the movie Joey made bonds with all of his riders as he was passed through the different countries on the battlefield. Joey was subjected to torture by being caught in barbed wire, multiple bombings, and put to work to haul heavy loads such as a train.

The movie shows that even those that are not directly involved with war affairs, such as animals, are greatly affected. Usually war movies depict the view of the soldier or the loved one of a soldier, but War Horse is special in that it depicts an animal’s view. The director used an animal’s view to depict the different side of the war as he is passed between armies. As many generally look at one side in a war, the director was able to depict how everyone was affected negatively through the war–regardless of the side one was on. Usually the other side is depicted as “evil”, yet with this special view of an animal all of the sides are looked at from a neutral standpoint and it’s seen that nobody truly “won” WWI.

WWI was probably chosen because it was especially gruesome due to trench warfare and showed the artist’s view of how human affairs, such as war, change everything negatively–animals, the land, soliders’ lives, and so on.

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