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SPARC Campus-based Publishing Resource Center

Bibliography, indexes, subscription information for a list discussion: .

ALCTS hosts panel on library-press collaboration

Thanks to Adrian Ho, Scholarly Communication Librarian at the University of Western Ontario, for notice of the slides: .  Several panelists share their experiences.

SPARC opens campus publishing resource center, i.e., information only

SPARC’s Campus-Based Publishing Resource Center is intended for “libraries, presses, and other academic units interested in launching and maintaining campus-based publishing partnerships.”  It has a bibliography (naturally–they’re librarians) and some PDFs listing issues to consider.  One presumes it will grow, but it does have a specific focus and is not trying to cover much beyond its scope.  It’s not a toolkit like bepress.

University press and university library: Collaboration successful, increasing OA journal output

This presentation by James Mullins, dean of Purdue University Libraries, describes an integration of the university press with the library, resulting in infrastructure savings, but also reflecting what may well have been librarians’ leadership, as the number of Open Access journals published by the press doubled after the libraries assumed leadership of the press.  It also describes other benefits to the press, but the libraries progress in achieving a vision of information sharing.  The diminishing importance of physical production in the current electronic age means that libraries and publishers really converge in terms of function.  The major difference would be that publishers, even university presses, look for commercial opportunities and economic efficiencies, and that may conflict with libraries’ mission.  (It wouldn’t hurt libraries to become more efficient, though, assuming it wouldn’t compromise their ideals unduly.)

What university libraries could be doing

Handouts and slides from workshop at the University of Minnesota libraries, “Creating a data management plan.”