Black Hawk Down

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The movie, Black Hawk Down, directed by Ridley Scott, is the story of a group of some of the best soldiers in America taking  a journey to the heart of the notoriously dangerous Somalia by dropping in via a Black Hawk helicopter. Their mission is to capture two highly sought after warlord lieutenants, whom they believe are responsible for seemingly endless horror, but when they arrive, trouble is waiting. A potential routine mission is not what it seems, and hundreds of Somali soldiers are viciously waiting to take them down, and end up taking down two Black Hawk helicopters. Officers of the U.S. soldiers help lead their men back to the helicopters that have been taken down, as the soldiers attempt to return to safety after their risky mission.

Based on the best selling book, Black Hawk Down is one of the more accurate depictions of war in a movie. Director Ridley Scott does a fantastic job throughout the film keeping the viewers’ attention through fantastic representation of the hell that is war. The movie takes the experience of war to a different level than the book was able to through its gory and realistic depictions of horror, and is sure t0 show the atrocities that go along with the heat of battle. Scott’s use of extremely graphic realism, in addition to the first person point of view, makes a very well crafted war film. Instead of  going through the entire duration of the war, this movie focuses on a specific day, and really helps the viewer to understand the trauma that can occur in such a short period of time. The real-life eighteen hour horror that is Black Hawk Down illustrates how quickly such an intense and detrimental events can take place. Director Scott puts the viewer right in  the middle of the conflict and keeps the movie full of action and suspense from beginning to end. One aspect that Black Hawk Down carries that most other movies do not is the presence of a legitimate battle ground. Since the movie was shot in Africa, the viewer has a chance to see nearly first hand the extent of the conflict and its full effects. To give the film the realistic aspects it had, the director worked with the military and had his actors experience the preparations for war, as they attended military training right before the movie was filmed. Instead of focusing on the intimate interpersonal relationships, Scott maintains the style of showing an all out, action packed war, which certainly keeps the audience excited and on alert. He thoroughly pushes the theme of patriotism, and portrays the American military as a morally just group doing whatever it takes to protect the innocent. Ridley Scott almost portrays the American military as a brute force filled with soldiers on a mission, a far more accurate representation than traditional war films filled with sentiment and romantic drama. This action packed depiction of the war is complimented by Scott’s choice of music, mostly heavy and intense songs that go more with the brutality that the film illustrates, instead of the typical classical music used during most war movies and throughout sentimental parts. Scott also uses African voices, sometimes in unison with the heavier music, to help the audience get a feel for the setting at different parts of the movie.

Black Hawk Down approached war films in a different manner than most others, and succeeded with its unique style. Ridley Scott’s movie changed the trajectory of future war films through the direct displays of specific instances of war, instead of through the war as a whole. His direction led the movie down a new path, and set the stage for future films about war.