About C.D.

My name is C.D. Walter, and I’m a Web Librarian at UT Arlington Libraries. Before that I was reference assistant in UT Arlington’s Science & Engineering Library. I have a BA in English and an MSIS (Master of Science in Information Sciences) from The University of North Texas, with a focus on information organization.

Picks History

This blog is a continuation of a column called CD’s Picks that I used to write for Connections, the UT Arlington Library’s staff newsletter.

CD’s Picks began because I wanted to write a “Science for Everyone” column highlighting some of the Science & Engineering Library’s books that are written for the general public. As a non-scientist who loves science, I wanted to share the exciting and fascinating books I was reading.

Because I read in a variety of subjects and genres, I began including books I had located in the Central Library, so each month I wrote about two books. I have moved all my previous work here, including the dates of their original publication.

Picks Defined

CD’s Picks are not reviews! First of all, they are not necessarily new. And I include only those books I want to recommend. I rarely finish a book I don’t like (unless I have a compelling reason to do so) and would not review a book I had not read completely. These are all books I hope you will greatly enjoy!