Artistic Response to War

Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco ft. Skylar Grey

In music artist Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said,” (ft. Skylar Grey) we see a clear opposition to the current “war on terror.” Because war costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, we are unable to subsidize some of the established programs in our own country, Fiasco stating, ”your child’s future was the first to go with budget cuts.” Removing money from the educational institutes to fund the war seems ridiculous if it is a war that should have never begun. Not only are we losing American lives, but also a solid education for future generations.

We are shown a scene where people’s mouths are covered, making a huge statement – it illustrates how society is taught not to question the government on issues such as war. Fiasco feels that he is “part of the problem, [his] problem is [he's] peaceful.” Through his song and music video, he encourages people to speak out against the war, and put an end to it, ” a rebel in your thoughts, ain’t gon make it halt, if you don’t become an actor you’ll never be a factor.” He suggests for the people to stand up and fight or else we will see no change and things will remain as they are in their current state and condition.

“I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence, fear is such a weak emotion that’s why I despise it,” here, Fiasco once again reinforces his thoughts, saying that we must take action – soldiers continue to lose their lives, along with innocent civilians in Iraq, and it is worse that we have yet to do anything to change it. ”My screams are finally getting free, my thoughts are finally yelling through,” he proclaims, saying that someone needs to speak out against such a meaningless war, as he does in this verse.

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