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The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity

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Alas, how true.

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January 31st, 2011 at 10:42 pm

Friends meeting photos online at Star-Telegram

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Photos from the UT Arlington Library events are posted regularly to the Click! pages at the Star-Telegram. They typically appear in the Arlington Star-Telegram in print, but online they are visible to anyone anywhere.

If you wish to download a photo, open the link for the photo(s) you’re interested in, then right click your mouse and “save as” to your prefered file. This will be the full size photo that I sent to the paper and can be used for making a photo print at any camera store, etc.

These photos have been submitted under the Star-Telegram’s guidelines, and are theirs to use. In addition to downloading for free, they offer a way to email the link, and provide the html code for embedding any of these images in your web site. Finally, they offer a service to sell prints of these photos.

Though there is a link to purchase photos (on a yellow button) under each photo, that method doesn’t work. To find photos to purchase, go to the Star-Telegram front page and scroll to the  footer where there is a line for Photo Galleries. You’ll see a link for “Photo Store,” and these photos are arranged by the day they ran in the paper (not the date of the event).

The last set of Friends of the Library photos were published in the Arlington paper on January 14, so view the thumbnails to find which photos they offer for sale. Not all of ours from the Click! page are sold, so check both places, and print your own if it isn’t sold by the paper. (The photo above I linked to from the Click! page doesn’t appear to be for sale–possibly because it was cropped to remove a lot of uninteresting wall in the photo. The digital file may be smaller than they can use for all of the sizes they offer).

Finally, if there are any of these photos that you would like a full-size digital copy of, cropped or uncropped, email me at and I will send it to you electroncially.

NOTE: The Star-Telegram changed the software they use for displaying “Click!” photos and the old ones are no longer searchable. The new ones are pretty hard to find – this photographer hopes they settle on a better system one day soon. – Dec. 1, 2013

Written by dwyer

January 14th, 2011 at 5:24 pm