Full metal jacket

Full metal jacket is probably one of the best war movies ever made. It was directed by Stanly Kubrick, and it is the story of a group of soldiers and their journey through the Vietnam war. What makes this movie interesting is that it shows the soldiers and all they had went through from the start during recruitment.


In this first part of the movie they show how tough the drill sergeants are towards the soldiers during this time. The interesting thing about the drill sergeant is that he was originally hired to train an actor. But the directors found that the he was doing a great job so they just had the real drill sergeant play this role for the movie.  It really shows how they must have talked and treated their men to harden them into the soldiers they needed. Private Pyle, the overweight soldier he is making fun of, is a great example of how soldiers can struggle when first joining boot camp. Throughout the beginning of the movie he is constantly picked on as you can see in the video. You can almost gradually see private Pyle losing his mind through all the struggles he is facing.


Soldiers face constant psychological strain their entire time while in service. How they deal with that stress is can be tragic at times. As I said earlier about private Pyle and the constant stress that he was under, unfortunately he decided to end his life before he ever went to war. The scene is very graphic and an eye opener to what can happen from a soldier under stress. This may just be a scene in a movie, but this is just a depiction of what the soldiers faced on a daily basis.


First platoon is the name of the company that is being followed throughout this movie. Some die, and others live to see the end. In this scene we can see how the visions of war have paid their toll on the Vietnam soldiers, cracking jokes at each other and trying to make the best of the situation. The persona of being a well behaved soldier is now long gone, and their battle hardened personalities now show. The entire demeanor of the company is very serious.


Although their time in the war was very dangerous they found ways to make the best of it. From hookers to gambling, these soldiers found a way to escape the horrors of war. They lived just as bad as the Vietnamese in the country. With little money and resources available to them, these soldiers had to learn to deal without and make the best of their situations. Full Metal Jacket is good at showing how the soldiers spent their time in war. This group of soldiers became good friends and looked forward to spending their time in war together. They all have their differences and backgrounds of where they came from. Yet when war strikes they are quick to jump next to one another, enviously waiting for the next shot.


Through the entire war these men are able to keep their composure, and war is nothing but everyday life for them. It has changed these men so much that they are not scared to wander the battle fields looking for their next “gook” to kill or capture. This scene is funny in showing that, they sing the Mickey Mouse song as they casually stroll through the battlefield. The commentary being said by private joker is truly how every soldier must feel by the end of any war. He talks about seeing death and everything they have been through. But in the end, it was all just another day at work.

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