UTA glass sale

UTA features work at annual glass sale

By: Grant McKinley
Staff Writer

UT Arlington’s most prestigious glass projects will be on display and for sale on March 29 at the annual UTA glass auction to help raise funding for the universities’ glass department.

Students and faculty will have an opportunity to submit their work for the sale and will receive half of the proceeds earned from the auction said art professor David Keens.  UTA’s glass program will receive the other half of the revenue and plans to use its profits to expand the glass department.

“We use that money to prepare equipment, repair equipment, to buy new equipment, to expand the facility, to update things, to buy equipment to explore new technologies and new techniques and processes,” Keens said.

Professor Keens has taught at UTA since 1974 and is responsible for developing the glass program at the university.  The National Endowment for the Arts Craftsman Fellowship award is one of several achievements Keens has earned.  Several of his artifacts are featured in exhibits across the country including the Dallas Museum of Art.

Despite his resounding success, Keens is adamant that the department’s financial stability relies on the proceeds earned from the glass sale.  The glass program aims to earn as much money as possible in order to continue developing the program said Keens

“It gives the students a real world opportunity to learn about making art work and then being able to sell it,” art professor David Keens said.  “It’s a great confidence builder and it helps them understand the nature of doing art work and having the public come and view it.

Although the sale allows the students to keep half of the proceeds, glass art senior Katie Stroer said the sale is more significant to the glass program rather than the students

“I mean it’s nice getting you know, a 50/50 cut, but I think the main thing is, if it weren’t for that sale, there wouldn’t be a glass studio available to all the students,” Stroer said.

In preparation for the auction, glass art sophomore John Jordan said he is planning to develop a series of smaller pieces in addition to his collection of multicolored vases he plans to auction.

“I probably should get working more on the paper weights but mainly this semester, I’ve been focused more on vases and the vase form,” Jordan said.  “My work is kind of all over the map.”

Both Jordan and Stroer said they are working to increase the number of items to include in the auction this year. Paperweights, bowls and other small items are just some of the merchandise that will be included by both artists.

The auction will begin at 9 a.m. March 29 at the Studio Art Center located at 810 S. Davis Drive and will continue until 5 p.m

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