Empty Walls video link.

The short four minute music video points out many ironies of war and what we might come home to when the war is over and makes you think about what it really accomplishes. If we destroy all of our buildings, kill families, and destroy homes then what will we do when all of this is destroyed? There isn’t any good and valid excuses for war since all it does is prove a point forcefully or seek revenge which will probably backfire later in time. The video makes us think about how we should really handle ourselves after someone has wronged us and whether or not we should take revenge.

Serj uses quite a few examples of war and uses children in a daycare to prove his point. One example is displayed at the very beginning of the video with a “playground sekcureity alert” page that changes the security level from guarded all the way up to high. Partway into the video we see a girl building two towers out of wooden blocks and another boy playing with a small toy plane which he throws and we see the shadow of the plane go across the ground and then the plane crashes into the two towers. During one scene a young boy was called into action while sleeping in a cardboard tank and blasts confetti explosions all over the play area. This is just the imagery he depicts during the song. His main chorus line is “Don’t you see their bodies burning, desolate and full of yearning, dying of anticipation, choking from intoxication…” which depicts all of the pain and suffering that comes from war. One line says, “When we decline, from the confines of our mind” which makes war seem like a mindless child’s game that may or may not accomplish anything. He puts all of the past events into a satirical music video that

Serj brings up all of these different depictions of war and the different events in our past which stirs up a lot of questions and makes us think about our actions but he does make one point clear. War is not the answer. War causes death, destruction, heartache, pain, misery, and terror all to forcefully prove a point or get revenge. We live in a world with many differing opinions and they won’t always agree but that does not mean we can kill each other if we do something simple; agree to disagree.