UT Arlington is “Best in the West”

Published By: Hillary Hankins

The Princeton Review names UT Arlington one of the best regional colleges to attend on September 3, 2012. Students from all over the world attend UT Arlington specifically for the outstanding graduate program the university provides.

The graduate program at UT Arlington offers 30 doctoral degrees and provides 71 different master degrees in nine different academic areas to choose from.  The nine areas include architecture, business, education and health professions, engineering, liberal arts, nursing science, urban and public affairs, and social work.

“We have a variety of programs to choose from along with a wide variety of grants and scholarships” for students interested in attending graduate school, said Alisa Johnson, the director of UT Arlington’s graduate school.

The Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Fellowship Program, also known as GAANN, is the largest grant a student can receive and is only offered to graduate students.  Depending on the student’s financial needs, he or she can receive up to $30,000 per calendar year.  The student will receive additional educational expenses to cover the cost of tuition, school supplies, fees and professional travel expenses if needed.

UT Arlington offers both the MAV grant and the Texas Public Education grant to graduate and undergraduate students.  The students can receive anywhere from $750-$3,500 for fall and spring semester.

Along with UT Arlington’s graduate program, the nursing program is known worldwide for it’s extensive training the university provides and high expectations out of students.

“Out of all the universities throughout the nation, we offer one of the best nursing school programs. The nursing program is very hard to get into and is viewed highly by hospitals when perusing a nursing career,” said Raymond Jackson, Associate Dean for UT Arlington’s graduate school.

Another benefit of attending UT Arlington is the wide variety of cultural diversity among students.  UT Arlington’s good reputation for its academics attracts students from all around the world.

“We have students come from all over the world, including 146 different countries,” said David Silva, the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Interim Dean.

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