Hero’s of War

h1 September 27th, 2013

As I was looking up songs to find one relating to war, I didn’t realize how many different songs there are about war to begin with. The so song that I have chosen is called “Hero’s of war”, by Rise Against. It is a great video of a young man going to war for his country and him thinking that it’s the hero’s way to go and fight for our country. Then realizing that the actual reality of it is different then what he thought it would be. In this essay I will show the way the artist express their view on the war

Here is a link to the lyrics of the songhttp://www.metrolyrics.com/hero-of-war-lyrics-rise-against.html

Here is the Youtube linkhttp://youtu.be/_DboMAghWcA

The beginning of the video shows a young man and a voice saying, “son, have you seen the world?” It continues by talking about how is you carry a gun and get paid. This makes me think about when recruiting officers would come to the schools and tell us about the military. This scene shows a lot of shots of the young man getting his head shaved and getting ready to go to war. Then going onto the battlefield and seeing what its really all about.
I think the artist wants to feel for the main guy that you see in this video emotionally as we follow him through the dangers of what happens in times of war. He tries to show how people can feel about one idea in the beginning and then experience another and realize that what he possibly was doing is not what he though it was about. It wants us to feel angry that he has gone to war with the idea that being a hero is what’s most important. Then wants us to feel sad for the PTSD that this guy could be going through.
The end show the ugly side and goes from him thinking that he is fighting for his country to feeling like he doesn’t know what he is fighting for anymore. I feel that the artist wants me to see that war is not always about glory and being patriotic but there are dark times. Sometimes we don’t always know what is going on in other countries as well. The artist wants me to feel an emotional connection with the guy in the video and what he had to go through and experience. I think that he wants me to realize that people will tell you want the want to get you to do things for them. Just like, as recruiting officers will give you all these ideas about things that we want. Giving people reasons for wanting to join will make people join.
The artist did a great job in convincing me in this video. It showed me the chaos caused by us alone and not just other countries. Other countries are just like us when it comes to people. We all have friends and family we care about. Emotionally the artist did a great job in expressing the emotion with me. I felt for the young man as he went in the war thinking that he was going to be a hero and coming into the actual reality of it instead.
To me the video is trying to show the innocence of a young person and try to show what people of the military will do to try to make people feel like hero’s not knowing what really is going on in the war. I also feel that this is a good representation of what actually goes on in other countries It’s the stuff that we are fed all the time about being patriotic, and being a hero is drilled into the young minds everyday.

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h1 September 27th, 2013

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