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Students fail to show up for apartment events

By Josh Sours



An event at the Meadow Run Clubhouse drew little interest from residents on February 28th.

“How Far Would You Go for Junk Food” was supposed to be a free event for residents to discuss healthy eating and how to avoid the temptation of junk food. Meadow Run resident assistant Jazmin Leyva organized the event and said student attendance isn’t very high for organized events.

“Nobody ever comes to these things; we have a hard time getting people to come out,” Leyva said.

Resident assistants are required to organize at least one event per month, with most of those taking place in the Clubhouse, which has couches, a TV as well as a pool. That event could also be a “take-to,” where resident assistants take trips to sporting events.

Leyva said the most popular events are at the beginning of the semester, when residents are new to campus and want to meet other residents.

Liberal arts sophomore Avery Anderson said more interesting events are needed to bring raise attendance.

“They simply aren’t enticing,” Avery said. “If they were to organize a concert or a live band, then I think more people would go.”

Monetary resources hinder event creativity because there is no set budget. Resident assistants personally pay for the supplies for an event.

One way to entice students to attend these events is through offering free food. Criminology senior Lijin John said free food is the sole motivation for attending these events.

“I rarely go to these events, but the few ones I’ve been to always had free food. It’s kind of selfish, but it’s the first thing I look for,”

According to Leyva, who has been a residential assistant for three years, poor participation was nothing out of the ordinary.

“It’s been hard to get people out to these things, even with free food or fun activities. People just seem to have other places to be,” Leyva said.

Apartment newsletters are handed out once a month. Anderson said with only one calendar of events distributed to each apartment unit, word may not spread enough.

“I take one look at the calendar and pretty much forget all about it and throw it away. I bet if they used social media, they could be more successful,” Anderson said.

Excel posts a calendar of upcoming events for residents. You can view the list here.

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