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The University’s Police Department works closely with the parking office to keep parking rules enforced. Photo courtesy of
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UTA’s Police Department issues more parking citations this semester


By Ja’Nisha Donnell-Address
Staff Writer

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Police Department issues more citations this semester to staff and students for violating the campus parking rules.  

 “Surprisingly, limited parking spaces is not the big issue this semester,” Deborah Tate, UT Arlington Parking Office manager said. “The largest problem we are facing is people not reading the rules and regulations signs in the parking lot and then upset with us because they receive citations.”

There are several rules and regulations listed on the campus website about parking and the students also receive a booklet with the information when they purchase a permit.

 UTA’s website contains information that permits are required for access and parking. Only vehicles conspicuously displaying proper permit may enter or park on the campus.

Display of permits is also a rule that students are violating. Parking permits must be properly displayed on vehicles. The website also contains information that permits cannot be taped with unauthorized materials.

Permits may be revoked and the holder may lose all parking privileges according to Section VIII on the campus website.

 Paula Peterson, a UTA student’s mother, was upset because she received a ticket for parking in Lot 26 on the campus.

“My intentions were to pick up my daughter and head back to the car, not expecting to see a citation on my car. I totally missed the permit required sign,” said Peterson.

Visitors are required to obtain a temporary permit when not parking at a meter or Maverick parking located at the front of the campus. UTA sophomore, Jeremiah Ford, received a citation for parking in a lot without a proper permit.

“I was rushing to take a quiz for Bio and was going to move my car once I finished my quiz. The permits are too expensive so I have to walk far with remote parking,” said Ford.

The permits range from $50-$230. Failure to park in appropriate lot will result in a citation from the parking office. Also overdue charges will result in impoundment of the vehicle.

UTA’s website provides information to inform students that unpaid citations may prevent them from readmission and have grade, degree, refunds or transcripts withheld pending payment of overdue charges.

“I hope students, visitors, and staff will pay closer attention to the parking signs, so the citation rate will decrease,” Tate said.