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Optician speaks to UTA students about entrepreneurship

By Jessica Diaz
Staff Writer

An optician will give students some helpful tips on how to run a business March 6 at UT Arlington.

After working for an ophthalmologist Alyce Adair Holliday Jones decided to pursue a career as an optician after she had pursued a graduate degree in criminology and opened Adair Optical in 1980 in Fort Worth, according to

“Jones fit perfectly because we are coming off of Black History Month and into Women’s History Month,” said Troy West, INLO president. “She falls perfectly into both categories because she is a self-made entrepreneur and optometrist. We thought it would be a great idea to have her come and speak on leadership and building a business.”

Jones was chosen to speak at this event because of her qualities as a business woman; who opened here eyewear store in 1970 because many of the choices for eyewear were plain and ordinary. She wanted to provide women with more stylish and cool options. Jones sells designer eyeglass frames without prescription or eye exams. Her shop embodies her own taste and the women she grew up with.

Cindy Weldon, who started the first Interdisciplinary Studies Leadership Organization at UT Arlington, knows Jones since high school.

“I suggested Alyce, because she is a female business woman and has expanded her optical store without eye doctors,” Weldon said.  “She can teach INTS students and anyone else interested in entrepreneurship a lot about the business world.”

Jones knows how hard it can be to rebuild a business. Her first store was in a shopping center at West Seventh Street and University Drive in Fort Worth.

She lost her lease in August of 2011 and moved into a new leased location in the city’s affluent Monticello neighborhood a week later, according to an article by Scott Nishimura in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram December 16,2011. She can teach students the demographics of owning a business and how to deal with the circumstance of relocating.

The INLO event is open to the entire campus population.

“We definitely encourage that students from all other majors and programs come and hear Dr. Jones speak, enjoy some free food and hopefully get something out of it,” said John-Paul Mitchell, INLO vice president.

Alyce Adair Jones inside Adair Eyewear located in Fort Worth. Photo Courtesy of

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