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Machine Translation Reflection

A reflection on what I think about Machine Translation.

Here is a preview of my reflection on Machine Translation, followed by the link:

…With technology growing and on the run, society is becoming more reliant on machines to do their work. Home phones turned into cell phones which then turned into smart phones, and just as these changes were made, the evolution of translation shifted as well….

Semester 2 MT Reflection

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CAT Translation Project

Since I am a MAC user, the only machine translation I could get my hands on was the Google Toolkit, skeptical at first, but the edited results have shown much improvement from my previous translation works. My next blog post will explain more on the results.  Major project of the second semester, preparation for careers in the localization industry. This is my translation project as a professional sample. Enjoy.

Here is a preview of our translation work with the help of Machine Translation, then followed is the link:

…“Improved translation abilities in computers and smart phones. All thanks to big data processing technology.”The computer is self-taught through the Internet by comparing words and sentences in government documents that are in multiple languages…

Semester 2 CAT Translation Project

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Media Localization Project

First project of semester two. This project focused on popular television series in our target – language, produced in the TL market. I chose to analysis SNL Korea, which has direct genetic ties to the original American series, Saturday Night Live. The differences and the close similarities.

Here is the preview of the Media Localization Analysis followed by the link:

…With the increasing stress levels in both the youth and the elderly, Korea, now eight years running once again surpasses its neighboring country Japan, in the amounts of suicide committed. Statistics confirmed by the OECD includes that the number of suicides increase fifty percent every four years…

Semester 2 Media Localization Project

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Cultural Analysis Project

This paper contains cultural analyses of localized products and services. For my final project in the first semester, I decided to pick Samsung. Since my target language is Korean, I decided to talk about the localized product of Samsung compared to the United States. This was by far one of the hardest essays I have written, for it made me learn new concepts that I have never heard of before.

Here is a preview of the Analysis followed by the document link:

…When it comes to business in South Korea, no one can beat Samsung. It is Korea’s number one source of economic sustainment and the nation’s prize possession. Though people only see Samsung for its finely developed electronics, it is known to be a multinational conglomerate company that includes weapons, apartments, insurance, as well as amusement parks…

Semester 1 Cultural Analysis Project

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Group Translation

There were several group projects in the first semester of GILT, many of which services as practice for our final translating project. The following attachment is a translation done by two of my partners and I. Reflecting back, I can see the difference in my quality of translation. Forgive me, for this one is a bit rusty. Unfortunately, I no longer hold the Korean article we translating directly from.

Here’s a preview of the translation, and followed after is the link:

….After the ‘Gangnam Style’ music video was released to the public last July 15th,  it exceeded 800,000,000 million views in the morning of the 24th, and its hits quickly increased and it has recorded 803,690,000 million views as of 6:30 p.m. today….

Semester 1 Final Translation Project

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Introduction to Jacqueline Orsini’s Blog

This blog was made for my GILT Translation course at the University of Texas in Arlington. Hence, majority of the uploads will be an reflection of my translation works. This is in order to build my credibility for future translation careers in this multilingual global world, with the target language Korean.

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