I wander alone in the darkness
All I know is emptiness
All I feel is cold
In my hand is a candle
A light begins to grow from it
And I begin to see the world
Filled with both strange and familiar beauty
Colors and warmth surround me
But soon my throat begins to itch
My lungs begin to burn
It is the smoke of the candle poisoning me
Each gasp of breath more painful than the last
I can no longer stand the pain
I extinguish the flame
I am left again
To wander alone in the dark

Passion v. Money

 When in the pursuit of a career do you go after passion or security in the job market? So many college students are faced with this dilemma: on one hand they are interested in the subject; on the other hand there are programs that offer a brighter future. When it comes to this topic, most of us will readily agree that college students should pursue career fields that suit them.  While others would disagree claiming that there should be a more structure foundation laid out for their future. My own view however, is that college students can have the best of both worlds by exploring all their options when seeking a career.

It has become more common today to dismiss interest to pursue job security. A number of Americans have recently suggested that without a promise entry into the job market there is so much at stake such as: the lost of money, health, and spouse just to name a few. Although I agree with this view point up to a certain point, I cannot accept this overall conclusion that without job security there is no life. The driving force of a career must come from the individual not the career.
Vincent T. Lombardi once said, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will”. Basically, Lombardi is saying interest and determination are the key elements on the path to success. I’ve always believed that if your heart is not into what you are doing, than you won’t care about the outcome. To state it another way is to say being in an industry where there is no motivation equals “I hate my job”, “I’m not going to work today”, and why do I work here again?” Money should not mean everything when it comes to choosing a profession. By making money the main priority when deciding a profession also causes a person to job hop which does not look good to other employers. Everyone is not meant to be a doctor, CEO of major company, or a lawyer.

  “The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight”. -Mark Caine


During my life experience I have come to the conclusion that people don’t intentionally distance themselves from others, nor purposely try to grow apart from them. Instead, everyone just tends to surround themselves with people who are moving in the same direction as them. As the saying goes “You are the company that you keep.” Therefore, if one surrounds themselves with negativity, mediocrity, and failure… then that’s exactly what one will become. One must speak positive things into their life and surround themselves with uplifting people.  It’s not meant to look down on others who aren’t where you are in life. It’s simply learning how to differentiate who needs to be in your inner circle and who doesn’t. Be wise. Live. Love. Laugh.


Struggling from paycheck to paycheck to survive and to provide a better life for our children

One which we did not have

Fighting for a better life day by day

Dreaming under the stars, waiting to claim the American Dream

Shouting Freedom…Freedom…Freedom

Not having to hide the pain no more with make-up

Nor covering up the stains left behind

We now enjoy a piece of the American pie

Wrapped in the colors red, white and blue.

Shouting Freedom…Freedom…Freedom

Not worrying about losing our freedom

Knowing while we sleep our soldiers are fighting

Day and night to keep our banners waving.

Respecting those whom have died for protecting the American Dream

Shouting Freedom…Freedom…Freedom

Becoming a new sprit

As the word touches my soul

I’m fed,

Fresh starts

Are all but dead

Shouting Freedom…Freedom…Freedom

What determines your Happiness?

Happiness is something everyone desires to have in their life. Americans today tend to believe that they can achieve happiness through their career, ideal family, and beauty. Cultural background can dictate a person’s behavior. Every child is exposed to certain things while growing up, which determines their views, how they will react to situations, and dictate others.

Based on past experiences there is a sense of determination of not making the same mistakes; however instead of happiness there is insecure and bitterness.  To put it another way we are destroying ourselves to be better or equal to societies images based on what we have experienced in the past.

Americans tend to find things wrong with them not only with their outside appearance, but also in their education, career, and the people they date. We attempt to hide our blemishes with make-up and pride. We fail to realize that people will talk regardless whether it’s positive or negative. All that matter is accepting who you are. It takes time, growing, and healing to understand what is important. Yes, past experiences or obstacles that one must overcome, but there are two options: either let go and grow or spend life being miserable.

“Those who seek for happiness from external sources are never really satisfied. A man imagines that if he could have a certain sum of money he would be happy, but if he gets it he is not really content. He wants more. No earthly happiness is lasting: it never remains. The only cause of this lack of happiness is the discomfort of the spirit. If we were offered all the homage and riches of the world if only we would remain floating in the air, we would forgo them all, for our body belongs to the earth. And if a like offer were made to us if we would always stand in the water, we should refuse for the same reason. For our earthly body has its comfort only on earth (Kulkarni)”. What is desired in life is achievable through an acceptance of what you have. Happiness, beauty, and success are only a state of mind.

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself” – Harvey Fierstein

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