This blog is for all of the nurses who have ever wondered “why can’t I just take care of my patients and go home?” Why do I need to join committees and be involved in professional organizations? They are time consuming, don’t effect me, and nobody really cares what I think.

How many times have you heard the nurses or yourself say these things?

I have to say that I used to be one of those folks! Working on the unit was so hard and I couldn’t image sitting through a boring meeting on my day off. It was not until our facility was trying to achieve their Magnet status, that  was asked to attend their “nurse practice council”. I found these meetings to be informative and very interesting. I heard about a lot of the other things going on in the hospital and I began to have a feeling of unity with the other nurses in different areas. Together, our council was able to make decisions about what was going on with charting and with inter departmental issues. I learned quickly that when nurses have a unified voice, we can make a difference.

I have opened myself up to many roles to grow in my nursing career through research committees, leadership and peer review nursing and have found that the benefits outweigh the negative.