More new informaiton about publications in the Invisible Federal Government Publications Collection

The Catalog of Government Publications has an ADVANCED SEARCH option. When I clicked on this option, I saw there is a line in the top left corner of the new web page for a “Historic Shelflist”

This is a list of publications in Superintendent of Documents classification number order that have been added to a shelflist. The shelflist includes publications through 1992. Not every publication in the shelflist is in the shelflist, but it provides information about many publications. I input the classification letter or letter group for every letter group of the alphabet that I could remember, and will add others as I find them.

Here is the number of shelflist entries for each letter or multi-letter group in the Superintendent of Documents Classification:

A 28092, AA 74, AC 147, AE 98 , B 0 , C 12631 , CAB 0, CC 176 , CZ 0 , D 4386 , [ D 12 514 , D 14 76 ],
Dp 0 , E 4948 , ER 4 , ES 0 , FA 24 , FCA 142 , FCD 0 , FE 0 , FEM 718 , FHL 32 , FR 613 , FS 1805,
[#1000= FS 3.49 , #1500=FS 3,210: 51 , #1600 FS 3.302 , #1700= FS 17.202: G 44 ,
FT 763 , FTZ 30 , fFW 0 , GA 4709 , GB 0 , HE 4866 , HH 1116 , HS 0 , I 13986 , IA 110 , IC 1136 , ID 1 , ITC 21, J 1347 , JU 236 , L 4829 , LC 1621 , LR 155 , MS 11 , NAS 7546 , NC 41 , NCU 43 , NF 62 , NS 257 ,
OP 1 , P 138 , PE 4 , RnB 0 , RR 63 , S 1939 , SBA 586 , SI 1585 , T 1840 , TC 830 , TD 3096 , TDA 0 ,
VA 779 , W 7 , Y 35656 , [Entries with the keyword Congress and Y = 15205, Y 10 Congressional Budget Office, 2 ]

Wikipedia entries exist for Defunct Congressional Committees and for Defunct Federal Agencies.
Searching the Historic Shelflist by Agency name or Committee name could help figure out the source of publications with a classification letter that begins with Y. The zame thing can be done with the Catalog of Government Publications.

When a list is retrieved, clicking on the column heading SuDoc Number will lead to a classification number list starting with 1,1: , 1,2:, 1,3: and so forth.

Some new information about publications that might be in the Invisible Federal Government Publications Collection

I added postings on October 21st, 2011 about the Superintendent of Documents Classification Number stems for documents that were available in my former employer’s library federal government publications collection.
I have been working on another project, determining how may Catalog of Government Publications entries there are for each letter or letter group of the Superintendent of Documents Classification Number System.
The catalog is online at . Here are some numbers for each letter or letter group as of Saturday evening, August 2, 2014.
CS 527 , FA 32 , FCA 197, FE 186, FP 101, FR 4236, FS 1846 , FT 2196 , FTZ 38 , FW 2 ,
GA 40986 , GB 0 , GS 5767 , HE 36796 , I 106547 , IA 312 , IC 0 , ITC 1861,
J , Ju 1120 , L 13770 LC 4918 , LR 269 , MS 222 , NAS 54739 , NC 70 , NS 1133 ,
OP 79 , P 870 , PE 358, PM 1782 , RnB 3 , S 13334 , SBA 2069 , SI 3053 , T 8692 , TC 1124, TD 21507 , TDA 4 , VA 2592 , W 43 , Y 176733 [Y includes Y 1. Y 3. Y 4. Y 10 , and perhaps others.]

The catalog originally started out with publications from the Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications, July, 1976, but retrospective cataloging has added publications well before this time. I have found some from the 1910s decade.

This information, and information from the entries in the Historic Shelflist, will be used to help current and past federal government publications to the attention of the public and library staff.

California as 6 states, see my earlier posts about an independent Texas

I published messages in the fall of 2013 about what would happen to Texas if it were to become an independent nation again. I was doing research for a Toastmasters International Competent Communicator project. Some of the information about an independent Texas would also apply to a division of California into 6 states. Search my blog for references to them, they were published in September 2013.
I will get around to reviewing and recalculating the number of representatives currently representing all or part of each California county.
My home state of Massachusetts did not have 351 cities and towns at the time of the 1790 census. I have looked at histories of Massachusetts, and see that towns and cities were split off from existing communities, even into the 20th century. I know that some of the early divisions were caused by people living in a remote portion of a larger town who found it difficult to get the town center or to the community’s church. Petitioning the legislature to create a new town allowed them to set their own tax rate, have their own town schools, set up their own local church, and have other things that go along with being your own town or city. I wonder how many of these “secessions” were amicable and how many were not amicable.
Massachusetts lost 4 towns in the 1930s when the towns of Enfield, Dana, Greenwich, and Dana were disestablished/disincorporated, and their land given to neighboring towns. The lands were taken by the state for what has become the Quabbin Reservoir.

What would happen if California would split into 6 states, Part 2

I looked at the online Congressional Directory entries for California available through Search for Congressional Directory, which is

I wrote the names of the counties included in each of the 53 districts, and compared the county names with the list of the counties that would be in each of the 6 new states in the latest proposal. See wikipedia entry Six_States for a list of the proposed states and the counties that would be in each.
Current CD 1 , 2 states Jefferson , North California
2 2 states Jefferson, North California
3 2 states Jefferson, North California
4 2 states Central California, North California
5 3 states Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley
8 2 states Central California, South California
9 3 states Central California, North California, Silicon Valley
11 2 states North California, Silicon Valley
23 2 states Central California, West California
35 2 states South California, West California
39 2 states South California, West California
47 2 states South California, West California

There are 8 Silicon Valley only districts, 2 North California only districts, 12 South California only districts, 5 Central California only districts, 16 West California only districts, and 0 Jefferson only districts. [The total adds up to more than 53, so I will have to recheck the county information and congressional district information. But what a mess it will be if the current state government and the federal congress ever agree to do something like this.
I am not going to try to figure out the situation with the state legislature, or the school districts, and the cities that may cross county lines into two states.
A report by the California Legislative Assembly Office reportedly says that 60 % of the current in-state California students of the University of California would become out of state students. Oh, that news will surely make the proposal wildly popular with voters. [Ha!]

What would happen if California were to split into 6 or more new states?

News reports say that a petition has been submitted to the California officials to put a referendum question on some future election ballot about splitting the state into 6 different states.
1. Where would the state capitol of each new state be located?
2. How many representatives in the U.S. Congress would each new state be allocated? Each must have at least one.
3. Where would the state prison population be relocated? Would San Quentin still have to have all the Death Row prisoners, or would they be relocated based on where they were tried. Does each new state have enough jail and prison capacity to house those whould be convicted of crimes in the new state?
4. How many current Congressional districts would cross the boundary of two or more states? How many would remain the same, and how many would have to redistricted?
5. How many state legislative districts cross the boundaries of two or more new states?
6. How many school, municipal, special purpose, and other districts would cross the boundaries of two or more new states?
7. How many cities currently have territory in two or more counties of the current state? How many of these cities would be located in two or more of the new states?
8. The infrastructure of many utility districts, such as water and sewer districts, electric supply districts, and other districts may not be easily separated one from another. For those that would be located in two or more districts, would the Federal constitutional principles and legislation about “interstate commerce” begin to have effect?
9. What other consequences and effects would occur if California were split up into different states?
10.. The last time part of a state seceded from another U.S. state was when West Virginia broke away from Virginia during the Civil War during the 1860s. What did the new state of West Virginia do to create laws, and how did its laws begin to diverge from the laws of Virginia?

Answering even part of one of the questions above would be a wonderful assignment for political science or government course professors to give to students with low grades who come to ask, “Is there anything I can do to earn some extra credit to raise my grade?” [What a fiendish assignment!]

This is an interesting hypothetical problem that I intend to investigate. I will post my results at this blog.
Some of my starting research points will be information provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

There may be politicians in the U.S. Congress, and professional lobbyists, who may find benefits in having California split up into multiple states. I would not count this proposal as a Dead on Arrival when sent to the Congress idea.

Demographic information about countries from which unaccompanied children are emigrating to U.S.

I am posting some information sources and suggestions to help people who want to explore the situation.
The situation at the U.S. border is not unique. The countries of Europe along the Mediterranean and other seacoast countries may have similar situations as our nation is encountering.

Internet searching for library research guides: Use bing/google/yahoo/whatever you prefer to search for the words and acronyms: libguide unaccompanied children UAC DHHS CBP ICE ACF
search for the phrase :”justification of the budget estimate” and the acronyms above

Who is contracting with the U.S. government regarding unaccompanied children and , for current and future contract and grant awards, search

For demographic information about other countries, try International Population Center

For information about other national statistical agencies, try International Statistical Agencies

These web sites are in Spanish
El Salvador: General Directoate of Statistics and Census http//

Guatemala: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica

Honduras: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica http://www.ine-hn. org

I attempted to copy a table from a Census Bureau web site that has information about births, deaths, migration, and other information for foreign countries. It didn’t work, so I will just give web URLs

Start with:

Choose Demographic Overview

Select one or more countries or areas, such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, United States, Virgin Island (U.S.)
Choose one or more years up to 25 by selecting and pressing the CTRL and C keys on the keyboard

Press submit for a table of results, which can be saved as an .mht file.

Check the Census Bureau information about each country to learn the data sources used to make the calculations for each country. A professional demographer may want to comment on the tables.

Tom Lindsey

Additional Information: Job Titles of M.L.S. holders who work outside the library industry

The job titles are modified titles that I found from web pages located in my search for M.L.S. holders working outside the library industry.

ob titles of people who earned a Master of Library

Science Degree, but who have jobs outside the library

industry. Compiled by Thomas Lindsey 6/30/2014


Author of novels


B2B copy writer

Book publishing company

College, working in Student Affairs

Competitive intelligence and market research

Computer programmer

Consultant to non-profit organizations

Data analyst

Department of Homeland Security, but not

transportation screener

Development Officer for a non-profit organization

Digital Services Librarian

Document review for a large tort law project with law


Editor of publications for a musem

Employment agency recruiter and job recruiter

Event and meeting planner

Executive recruiter with a specialty practice

Foundation and Grants Office worker

Freelance writer


Independent librarian doing research work for clients


Industrial products firm owner, retail to businesses

Information Architect

Information research analyst for a business firm

Information specialist doing research and writing

reports for officers of a corporation
(This person appears to go beyond finding

information. They find information, analyze it, make

recommendations about a course of action, and present

it to executives for yes/no decision.)

Innkeeper, Bed and Breakfast Inn

Instructional media designer for college courses

IT Associate
IT Department, unspecified job title

Jewelry design


Magazine, not an editor

Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Marketing and special events programmer for publisher

Medical social worker (3)


Newspaper publisher and editor

Owner of employee staffing agency that specializes in

certain occupations

Photographer (2)

PHP Developer

Public Relations (2)

Product source locator for industrial poducts

Purchasing Agent

Real estate agent (3)

Real estate appraiser

Real estate investor

Real property management (2)

Sales representative of stock brokerage and retirement

planning firm

Sales Associate at retail chain household goods store

Social media consultant

Training specialist for a physical activity program

(teaching adults how to perform. This is not an

aerobics or yoga instructor position.)

Website content creator (3)

Website content manager and content creator

Technical marketing computer software

Possible Alternative Occupations for Library Workers

This is a table of information that I have created on June 25, 2014. I will be sending information about it to some discussion lists for librarians who are seeking work or seeking ideas for new careers.

Possible Alternative Occupations for People who work in libraries as a library assistant, library technician,
or Librarian. Suggestions from retired librarian Thomas Lindsey, June 25, 2014

Another BLS website , May 2013 Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Area Occupational and Wage Estimates is a master web page with links to estimates of employment in each occupation nationally and by metropolitan and non-metropolitan area For instance, if I was interested in the job market in Abilene, Texas, I could get some information about it.

I would also go to the Census Bureau Economic and Government Censuses, to look at the Census of Government Information for the 2007 and 2012 Censuses, and the annual County Business Pattern reports.
I think that Abilene, Texas is in Taylor County, Texas. TKL

The table is arranged by state, and alphabetically by metropolitan/nonmetropolitan area name

The following are Standard Occupational Classification codes used in federal statistical and occupational
Information. The following online table from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has information about these
Codes and the occupations. Some of these occupations require additional training and education that may not be in a person’s skill and experience set.

A list of these occupations and national total employment can be found at

11-2031 Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

11-3011 Administrative Services Managers

11-3061 Purchasing Managers

13-1022 Wholesale and Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products

13-1023 Purchasing Agents, Except Whole, Retail, and Farm Products

13-1121 Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners

13-1131 Fundraisers

13-1151 Training and Development Specialists

13-1199 Business Operations Specialists, All Other

13-2011 Accountants and Auditors (Additional education required)

15-0000 Computer and Mathematical Occupations

15-1121 Computer Systems Analysts

15-1122 Information Security Analysts

15-1131 Computer Programmers

15-1132 Software Developers, Applications

15-1133 Software Developers, Systems Software

15-1134 Web Developers

15-1140 Database and Systems Administrators and Network Architects

15-1141 Database Administrators

15-1142 Network and Computer Systems Administrators

15-1143 Computer Network Architects

15-1150 Computer Support Specialists

15-1151 Computer User Support Specialists

15-1152 Computer Network Support Specialists

19-3099 Social Scientists and Related Workers, All Others

25-4021 Librarians

25-9031 Instructional Coordinators

27-3031 Public Relations Specialists (Additional education will probably be required. There are many people who have majored in Public Relations for an undergraduate degree.)

27-3040 Writers and Editors

35-1011 Chefs and Head Cooks

41-3011 Advertising sales agents

41-3021 Insurance sales agents

41-9022 Real estate sales agents

Revolutionary War Locale, Battle, and Skirmish Locator

This is the newest revision of my list of places connected to the American Revolutionary War. It is far from complete. One information source that I consulted states that there are more 1,300 battles and skirmishes that took place during this war. It was in fact a global war, with conflicts underway between Great Britain and other nations in places such as Canada, India, Sri Linka, islands in the tropics, and sea battles. The “United States in Congress Assembled” and the individual 13 states commissioned more than 2000 privateer ships to attack merchant ships and naval vessels. Loyalists in the United States and Great Britain itself commissioned privateer ships to capture merchant ships sailing to and from ports controlled by the Americans fighting for independence.

The intent of my Revolutionary War, Locale, Battle, and Skirmish Locator is to match a geographic feature with a Feature ID number in the U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System. A feature ID record includes a name, state, county, feature ID number, latitude, longitude, and type of feature.
Point clicking on the name in a record leads to more information about the feature name, variant names and a citation to the source of the variant name information.

This record also has hyperlinks to several federal government and several commercial map and satellite photograph display systems that allow the place to be viewed through maps or photography.

I have given my best efforts to match a current feature name with the Revolutionary War era feature name. Some places may be mismatched or misidentified. Some places have ceased to exist, such as places inundated by lake or reservoir water impoundments. Some places have been annexed into the city limits of other cities. In these cases, I have tried to find a nearby feature and feature ID number to link to the Revolutionary War era feature.

Location State Name County or District Name Feature ID No. Type

See the entry Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail for a National Park Service Website with maps and text about

the campaign journey from Rhode Island to Yorktown, Virginia in 1781

Another source of information about battles and skirmishes is

Additional sources for locating Revolutionary War sites Historical Marker Data Base

Names in South Carolina. vols. 1-28. Columbia, South Carolina: University of South Carolina, 1954-1981 source in GNIS Legends of America. Pennsylvania Legends. Forts of Pennsylvania

in American History

May 3, 2014: After ALL this research, I came upon the Global Gazetteer of the American Revolution . None of my prior information came from this database. I came across it while

filling in my last entry of information, for Torrence’s Tavern.

I will have to review this database and see what this compiler has. TKL

Compilers Notice: Other sources used by the compiler may be copyrighted. The compiler uses these sources to
find information in the non-copyrighted USGS GNIS database or in publications whose copyright has expired.

June 3, 2014 I have been trying to find approximate locations, or nearby named features for places which have had a

“not found” notation. Information in brackets { } like these is for a feature that I believe is near the listed location.

Acquackanock New Jersey [now Passaic, NJ]

Alamance North Carolina Alamance 1018780 Populated Place

Albany New York Albany 977310 Populated Place 242643

Allegheny River Pennsylvania Allegheny 1209386 Stream

Allentown New Jersey Monmouth 874300 Populated Place

Allentown Pennsylvania Lehigh 1213700 Populated Place

Amboy New Jersey [See Perth Amboy]

Annapolis Maryland Anne Arundel 595031 Populated Place

Anne Arundel County Maryland Anne Arundel 1710958 Civil

Anson County North Carolina Anson 1008534 Civil

Anson Court House NC or SC

Aquidneck Island Rhode Island Newport 1218141 Island [now known as Rhode Island]

Arlington Massachusetts Middlesex 612141 Populated Place formerly Menotomy

Ashley River South Carolina Charleston 1220257 Stream

Assipink Creek Pennsylvania Stream see Assunpink Creek

Assunpink Creek New Jersey Stream
Second Battle of Trenton, January 2, 1777. USGS Gage Station 01464000. This stream enters the Delaware River in

Trenton, New Jersey. It is north of John Fitch Way and South of West Lafayette Street. Waterfalls in Delaware River

extend above and below the stream.

Augusta Georgia Richmond 310670 Populated Place

Baie des Paunts Wisconsin [current name name Green Bay, Wisconsin]

Baltimore Maryland Baltimore City 97040 Populated Place

Barrack Hill Massachusetts Worcester 617546 Summit
[This is the location of a Revolutionary War Prisoner of War camp where soldiers from British General Burgoyne's army

that surrendered at Saratoga were marched to. It is located in the town of Rutland, Massachusetts. There was a state

prison camp in the same area from 1903-1933 that was for prisoners with tuberculosis. It was closed in part because it

was located on the Ware River, which may be part of the watershed for the Quabbin Reservoir which was about to open as

part of the Boston area water supply.]

Barren Hill Pennsylvania Montgomery 1168757 Populated Place
Battle 5/10/1778 11 miles west of Philadelphia

Bayonne New Jersey 874554 Populated Place
Variant name Bergen Neck

Beaufort South Carolina Beaufort 1245003 Populated Place

Basking Ridge New Jersey Somerset 874531 Populated Place

Baton Rouge Louisiana East Baton Rouge 1629914 Populated Place
Battle 9/21/1779 Fort New Richmond

Becket Massachusetts Berkshire 608008 Populated Place

Bedford Virgina Bedford (city) 1498450 Populated Place

Bedford Pass New York Kings
Wikipedia article says this place is now known as Clove Road. One of the passes through the Heights of Guan.
Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn GNIS ID 943187 is in vicinity TKL note 03/27/2014

Bemis Heights [Ridge] New York Saratoga 1956250 Ridge

Bemis Heights [PP] New York Saratoga 943646 Populated Place

Bennington [Courthouse] Vermont Bennington 1920181 Populated Place

Benton Tennessee Polk 1327567 Populated Place

Bergen New Jersey Bergen 882003 Populated Place

Bergen Neck New Jersey
USGS GNIS says this is a variant name for Bayonne New Jersey 874554

Bergen Point New Jersey Bergen 874681 Cape

Berkshire County Massachusetts Berkshire 606928 Civil

Bethania North Carolina Forsyth 1006108 Populated Place

Bethlehem Pennsylvania Northampton 1169426 Populated Place

Beverly [Ferry] New Jersey Burlington 874735 Populated Place
Formerly Dunk’s Ferry

Biggins Bridge South Carolina
Near Charleston 30 miles up Ashley River. says this is in Berkeley County, SC near Monck’s Corner,
on east branch of Cooper River, USGS GNIS Feature ID No. 1229671. USGS GNIS says Ashley River is in Charleston and

Dorchester Counties, South Carolina.
Biggin Bridge SC Global Gazetteer
{North of Old Santee Canal State Park USGS GNIS Feature ID 1234581}{

Biggins Church South Carolina Berkeley 1234434 Church

Billingsport New Jersey now Paulsboro, New Jersey
Another Billingsport New Jersey in Gloucester County New Jersey

Billingsport New Jersey now Paulsboro, New Jersey according to Letters of Lafayette
The USGS GNIS also has a Billingsport, New Jersey, Gloucester County 874765 Populated Place

Birmingham Pennsylvania Chester 1203102 Populated Place
Battle of Brandywine

Birmingham Hill Pennsylvania Chester not found
Battle of Brandywine
{Believe that it is south of West Chester, Pa. Feature ID 1190943, north of Chadds Ford Feature ID 1217344, and Radley
Run Feature ID 1184589 is nearby}

Black Horse New Jersey Middlesex 883013 Populated Place

Black Horse New Jersey Burlington 875884 Populated Place
Variant name Black Horse

Black Horse Tavern Pennsylvania Chester 1207397 Building
Battle 12/11/1777

Blackstock’s Ford South Carolina
Battle 11/20/1780
Blackstocks Ford South Carolina Union 1232836 Crossing

Blackstock’s Plantation South Carolina

Bloody Marsh Georgia not found
{Believe that it is found on Saint Simons Island, Georgia, Feature ID 356512}

Bloody Run Michigan Wayne Stream
Battle near Fort Detroit, not located in
{Elmwood Cemetery in the City of Detroit, Feature ID 625528 has a Blood Run within it}

Bordentown New Jersey Burlington 874858 Populated Place

Boston Massachusetts Suffolk 617565 Populated Place

Bound Brook New Jersey Somerset 874865 Populated Place

Bouquet’s Camp Pennsylvania not found
on way to Fort Pitt

Bowling Green Virginia Caroline 1498454 Populated Place

Braintree Massachusetts Norfolk 612876 Populated Place

Brandywine Pennsylvania Chester
Battlefield of the Brandywine Chester 1192098 Park

Brandywine Creek Pennsylvania Chester 213697 Stream
Empties at New Castle Delaware Feature ID 214379 Populated Place

Branford Connecticut New Haven 205694 Populated Place

Breed’s Hill Massachusetts Suffolk 621715 Summit

Brenton’s Point Rhode Island
[Brenton Point Rhode Island Newport 1217987 Cape]

Brewton Hill Georgia not found
Georgia near Savannah 1778

{Brewton Hill Georgia Evans}
{Believe that Brewton Hill is south of Rogers Lake Feature ID 341232}

Briar Creek Georgia not found Stream
Battle 3/3/1779 7 in gnis for GA list of skirmishes for 1779 describes a skirmish at Briar Creek.
This skirmish site is described as 11 miles from Hudson’s Ferry.
Hudson Ferry (historical) Screven County Feature ID 350174 Crossing

Brier (Briar) Creek Battle Marker; Global Gazetteer

{Briar Hill New Jersey}
{Believe that it is located with Manalapan Township Feature ID 882117}

Brookfield Massachusetts Worcester 609777 Populated Place

{Bull’s Ferry New Jersey Hudson}
{Bull’s Ferry Road intersects River Road, New Jersey Highway 505, east of James J. Braddock North Hudson County Park,
Feature ID 878857. Across the Hudson River, it is west of West 101st Street, New York city}

Burton Point Virginia Matthews 1464151 Cape

Butt’s Hill Rhode Island
[Butts Hill Rhode Island Newport 1218175 Summit]

Briar Hill New Jersey not found

Brinton’s Ferry Pennsylvania not found
near Brandywine

Bristol Pennsylvania Bucks 1170274 Populated Place

Bristol County Rhode Island Bristol 1219777 Civil

Broad River South Carolina Beaufort 1246993 Stream

Broad River South Carolina Richland 1251826 Stream

Broad River [Cowpens] South Carolina Beaufort 1246993 Stream
Not sure if this is the right river. This one flows in Beaufort and Jasper Counties

Brookfield Massachusetts Worcester 609777 Populated Place

Brooklyn New York Kings 1783503 Populated Place

Brooklyn Heights New York Kings 944845 Populated Place

Brunswick New Jersey Populated Place
May be variant name of modern New Brunswick

Bryan’s Station Kentucky
Battle 8/15/1782
Bryan Station Kentucky Fayette 516982 Populated Place

Buffington’s Ford Pennsylvania Brandywine not found

Bull’s Ferry New Jersey not found
Battle 7/20/1780

Bunker Hill Massachusetts Suffolk 612718 Summit

Burke County Jail Georgia
Battle 1/27/1779

Burke County Jail[2014] Georgia 347949 Building
The modern day jail may not be near the jail of 1779

Burlington New Jersey Burlington 875038 Populated Place

Burton Point Virginnia Matthews 1464151 Cape

Bushy Run Pennsylvania Westmoreland 1170780 Stream
Battle near Fort Pitt

Bute County North Carolina
Divided into Franklin [1008553] and Warren [1008593] Counties, 1779

Butt’s Hill Rhode Island Newport 1218175 Cape

Cahokia Illinois St Clair 426287 Populated Place

Cambridge [City Hall] Massachusetts Middlesex 599955 Populated Place

Camden New Jersey Camden 875105 Populated Place
variants include Cooper’s Ferry

Camden South Carolina Kershaw 2409378 Populated Place

Canajoharie New York Montgomery 945374 Populated Place

Cane Creek North Carolina McDowell 1010003 Stream
Cave Creek North Carolina McDowell 1023890 has a variant name Cane Creek
[{The Battle at Cane Creek, September 12, 1780 is supposed to be at the junction of Cane Creek and Silver Creek.
No Silver Creek in McDowell County, North Carolina found in GNIS. {There is a Lake James in Burke and McDowell


Cane Creek South Carolina Union 1229515 Stream

Cape Charles Virginia Northampton 1464427 Cape

Cape Fear North Carolina Brunswick 982615 Cape
City of same name in Hartnett County

Cape Fear River North Carolina Brunswick 1023879 Stream

Cape Hatteras North Carolina Dare 9826217 Cape

Cape Henry Virginia Virginia Beach City 1478324 Cape

Cape Lookout North Carolina Carteret 1019523 Cape

Caroline County Maryland Caroline 595737 Civil

Carrollton Maryland Prince George's 597805 Populated Place
Renamed New Carrollton 5/2/1966

Carr's Fort Georgia Wilkes not found
Battle 2/10/1779 News stories from 2013 report that archaeologists report having
found a site that is probably the site of the fort, but research continues.
Wilkes County Georgia Wilkes 351265 Civil

Casco Bay Maine Cumberland 563660 Bay

Catawba River South Carolina Fairfield 1010097 Stream

Catawba River South Carolina York 1221395 Stream

Cayuga New York Tompkins 974076 Lake

Carr's Fort Georgia not found
{Archaeological investiation is underway to locate the site of this fort. I believe that it is east of Alamo, Georgia.}

Casco Bay Maine Cumberland 563660 Bay

Charlestown Heights Massachusetts Suffolk
[Charlestown Massachusetts Suffolk 619308 Populated Place Variant Name is Charlestown Heights]

{Charlestown Neck Massachusetts Suffolk
{Not found but probably near Feature 619308 Charlestown}

Charlotte River New York Delaware
[Charlotte Creek variant name is Charlotte River] 946415 Stream

Chatham New Jersey Morris 875378 Populated Place

Chestnut Hill Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1171716 Populated Place

Chickamauga River Tennessee not found
{Chickamauga Lake Feature ID 1326920 Lake}

Chillicothe Ohio 1060960 Populated Place

Cohoes, New Hampshire See Coos Meadow, New Hampshire [not found; Coos County 873177 Civil]

College Creek Virginia James City 1478405

Conanicut Island Rhode Island Newport 1219954 Island

Cooch’s Bridge Delaware [See Iron Hill, Delaware [Iron Hill 217001 New Castle ]

Coryell’s Ferry, New Jersey, now Lambertville, New Jersey Lambertville Hunterdon County is 877654 Populated Place

Coryell’s Ferry, now New Hope, Pennsylvania not found

Coventry Rhode Island Kent 1219343 Populated Place

{Cowan’s Ford South Carolina}
{Believe that it is on the Catawba River, east of Lowesville, and that a dam is now located above the ford.
The dam __may__ be Wylie Dam, Feature ID 1227719

Cross Creek North Carolina now Fayettteville, North Carolina
[Fayetteville North Carolina Cumberland 1020226 ]

Cecil County Maryland Cecil 596115 Civil

Centre North Carolina ? not found Populated Place
Center Hill Chowan County 1019593 and Norwood Stanly County 1021677 have the variant
name Centre

Chadd’s Ford Pennsylvania Chester 1213744 Populated Place

Champlain Valley New York Clinton
[Town of Champlain Clinton 978809 Civil

Champlain Valley Vermont Chittenden
[Lake Champlain Vermont Chittenden 946367 Lake

Charles County Maryland Charles 1676992 Civil

Charles River Massachusetts Suffolk 619357 Stream

Charleston South Carolina Charleston 1221516 Populated Place

Charlestown Massachusetts Suffolk 619308 Populated Place

Charlestown Heights Massachusetts Suffolk not found

Charlestown Neck Massachusetts Suffolk not found
{Charlestown Neck Massachusetts Global Gazetteer }

Charlestown New Hampshire Sullivan 866111 Populated Place

Number Four Outpost

Charlotte North Carolina Mecklenburg 1019610 Populated Place

Charlotte Virginia Populated Place
[Charlotte Court House Virginia Charlotte 1498462 Populated Place]

Charlotte River [Charlotte Creek New York 946415 Stream

Charlottesville Virginia Albemarle 1498463 Populated Place

Chatterton's Hill New York Westchester 2556454
Battle of White Plains

Cherokee Ford South Carolina Abbeville 1229046
Battle 2/11/1779

Cherry Valley New York Otsego 969993 Populated Place

Chesapeake Bay Maryland 597227 Bay

Chester County Pennsylvania Chester 1209174 Civil

Chesterfield County Virginia Chesterfield 1480111 Civil

Chestnut Hill Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1171716 Populated Place

Chicago River Illinois Cook 406050 Stream

Chickahominy River Virginia Charles City 1478374 Stream
Flows into James River

Chickamauga River Tennessee not found Stream
North, South, West, and West Chickamauga Creek, but no River

Chillicothe Ohio Ross not found Populated Place
{Chillicothe Ohio Global Gazetteer }

Chota (historical) Tennessee Monroe 1308286 Historical
Cherokee Village site now inundated by Tellico Lake

Chouegen New York Former name of Oswego ID 959525

Christiana Delaware New Castle 213798 Populated Place

Clove New York Schoharie 946919 Populated Place

Cohoes New Hampshire [not found, Coos Meadow not found]

Colleton County South Carolina Colleton 1247991 Civil

Collier Matthew Road Virginia not found
Battle 5/8/1779

Combahee Ferry South Carolina Colleton 1228046 Crossing
Battle 8/25/1782

Como’s Hill New Jersey not found

Compo Beach Connecticut Fairfield 206407 Beach
Battle of Ridgefield 4/27/1777

Concord Massachusetts Middlesex 611791 Populated Place

Concord River Massachusetts Middlesex 619300 Stream
Flows into Merrimack River

Conewango Creek Pennsylvania Warren 1210156 Stream
Near Warren Pennsylvania

Connecticut River Valley Vermont not found

Connecticut River Valley Massachusetts not found
Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden Cos. County seats are Greenfield, Northampton, Springfield

Connecticut River Valley Connecticut

Cooches Bridge Delaware See Iron Hill, Delaware
Battle 9/3/1777

Cooper River South Carolina Charleston 1229589 Stream

Coryell’s Ferry Pennsylvania Bucks
According to, the town is now known as New Hope

Coryell’s Ferry Pennsylvania Bucks 877654
Variant name for current Lambertville, 877654

Coventry Rhode Island Kent 1219343 Populated Place

Cowan’s Ford North Carolina not found
Battle 2/1/1781

Cowans Ford North Carolina Lincoln 1001771

Cowans Ford North Carolina Mecklenberg 1019817 Populated Place

{Cowan’s Ford North Carolina Global Gazetteer }

Cowpens National Battlefield South Carolina Cherokee 1247412
Place was known as Hannah’s Cow Pens

Cowpens South Carolina Spartanburg 1247411 Populated Place

Crooked Billet Pennsylvania
Battle 5/1/1778
[Crooked Billet School] Pennsylvania Montgomery 1207709

Cross Creek North Carolina See Fayetteville, North Carolina

Crosswicks [Crosswicks Creek] New Jersey Burlington 875750

Croton River New York Westchester, Putnam 947829 Stream

Crown Point [Fort Crown Point Ruins] New York Essex 950466 Locale
French name Ft. St. Frederick

Culpeper County Virginia Culpeper 1497831 Civil
Correct spelling is Culpeper, not Culpepper

Cumberland Gap Kentucky Bell 490475 Gap

Cumberland Point [now Plattsburgh, NY] New York Clinton 977376
City of Plattsburgh

Cumberland River Tennessee 517018 Stream
Mouth in Livingston County KY

Cummins Island South Carolina not found Island

Cummins Point South Carolina not found
{Cummings Point; off South Carolina, Global Gazetteer}

Cuyahoga River Ohio Cuyahoga 1072205 Stream

Dan River Virginia Halifax 1465581 Stream

Danbury Connecticut Fairfield 206580 Populated Place
Battle of Ridgefield 4/27/1777

Darby Pennsylvania {Global Gazetteer, }

Decker’s Ferry New York Richmond
Between Staten Island and Bergen Neck, Ferry. USGS GNIS says Bayonne 874554 is Bergen Neck

Deerfield Massachusetts Franklin 608850 Populated Place

Delaware New York Sullivan County 978894 Populated Place
Town of Delaware Sullivan County?

Delaware Bay Delaware Sussex 216373 Bay

Delaware Capes Delaware not found

Delaware River Delaware New Castle 217887 Stream DE, NJ, NY, PA

Derby Pennsylvania not found
[References to Derby in books found in HeritageQuest includes references to Derby and

the townships of Marple USGS GNIS Feature ID 1180432 and Springfield in Delaware County,


Detroit Michigan Wayne 1626181 Civil

Dimick's Ferry New Jersey Warren 884392 Locale

Dingman's Ferry New Jersey Sussex 883159 Locale

Dismal Swamp Virginia See: The Great Dismal Swamp North Carolina Camden 1025349 Swamp

Dobbs County North Carolina Dobbs
Divided into Greene ID 1008557, Lenoir ID 1008568, and Wayne ID 1026128 Counties, 1791

Dobbs Ferry New York Westchester 970074 Populated Place

Dorchester Massachusetts Suffolk 612904 Populated Place
Annexed into Boston

Dorchester Heights[National Historic Site]Massachusetts Suffolk 619507 Park

Dorchester Point Massachusetts Suffolk 617410 Cape
Dorchester Peninsula

Dorchester County Maryland Dorchester 596495 Civil

Dow’s Ferry (historical)New Jersey Hudson 2126895 Crossing

Dunk’s Ferry New Jersey
Now known as Beverly Burlington 874735 Populated Place

Dunkirk [City of] New York Chatauqua 978911 Populated Place

Dutchess County New York Dutchess 974112 Civil

East Florida Florida not found

Economy Pennsylvania Beaver 1214136 Populated Place

Edenton North Carolina Chowan 1025302 Populated Place

Elizabethtown New Jersey Union 876147 Now: Elizabeth, New Jersey
Elizabeth New Jersey Union 885205 Civil

Elk Hill Virginia Goochland 1492910 Populated Place

Englishtown New Jersey Monmourth 876202 Populated Place

Eno River North Carolina Durham 984804 Stream

Eno River East Fork North Carolina Orange 984501 Stream

Eno River West Fork North Carolina Orange 997013 Stream

Eutaw Springs South Carolina Orangeburg 1247696 Populated Place

Fredericksburg, New York [West Patterson 975775 Putnam has variant name Fredericksburgh

Fairfax County Virginia Fairfax 1480119 Civil

Fairfield Connecticut Fairfield 206996 Populated Place

Fairhaven Massachusetts Bristol 613668 Populated Place

Falmouth [Town Hall] Massachusetts Barnstable 604195 Populated Place

Fenwick’s Point South Carolina not found
Fenwick Point South Carolina Global Gazetteer ,

First Watchung Mountain New Jersey Summit 876348
See also Second Watchung Mountain and Watchung Mountain

Fish Dam Battleground Monument South Carolina Chester 1230681 Park

Fishdam Ferry South Carolina Chester 1230682 Crossing

Fishdam Ford South Carolina Chester 1251648 Crossing

Fishing Creek South Carolina
Battle 8/18/1780
Fishing Creek South Carolina Charleston 1222408 Stream
Fishing Creek South Carolina Chester 1222409 Stream
South Fork Fishing Creek South Carolina Chester 1250962 Stream

Flatbush New York Kings 950251 Populated Place

Flatbush Pass New York Kings not found

Florida Florida no ID number for entire state

Forks of the Yadkin See Yadkin; Forks of http://gaz

Fort Anne New York not found
On Wood Creek 4 Wood Creek streams in upstate New York
Fort George (historical) in New York New York has had the variant name Fort Anne

Fort Box New York Kings not found

Fort Carillon New York not found
French name for for Fort Ticonderoga, New York

Fort Clinton New York Orange 2091608 historical
Near West Point

Fort Cumberland not found

Fort Defiance New York
North of Middleburgh New York Schoharie 957144 Populated Place

Fort Detroit Michigan not found
Fort Ponchartrain earlier name

Fort Duquesne Pennsylvania
[Fort Duquesne Bridge] Pennsylvania Allegheny 119643 Bridge

Fort Edward New York Washington 950467 Populated Place

Fort George New York New York 2061951 Military (historical)

Fort Granby South Carolina Lexington not found

Fort Greene New York 2104188
Known as Fort Putnam during Revolutionary War

Fort Griswold(historical)Connecticut New London 1930879 Historical
Battle 9/6/1781

Fort Independence New York
Fort Independence Park New York Bronx 950481 Park

Fort Johnston North Carolina
At mouth of Cape Fear River North Carolina Brunswick 1023879 Stream
GNIS reports that there is a Northeast Cape Fear River New Hanover ID 1025585

Fort LeBoeuf Pennsylvania not found

Fort Lee (historical) New Jersey 2054897

Fort Lewis New York Kings
Fort Hamilton New York Kings 2365070
Fort Hamilton variant name is Fort Lewis

Fort McIntosh Georgia not found
I think that this refers to a fort in Brantley County Georgia, near the city of Atkinson,
Brantley County, Feature ID 331063, near the Satilla Creek Feature ID 322576

There is also a Fort McIntosh, Beaver, Pennsylvania, which is also of Revolutionary War era.
There was a General Officer from Georgia whose last name is McIntosh.

Fort Mercer New Jersey
Now in borough of National Park, Gloucester, New Jersey National Park ID 878697

Fort Mifflin Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1203606

Fort Miller New York Washington 950843 Populated Place

Fort Montgomery New York Clinton 2360260 Military

Fort Montgomery ruins New York Clinton 950485 Locale

Fort Montgomery New York Orange 960950 Military

Fort Mose Florida St. Johns not found
[Fort Mose Historic State Park entered in Wikipedia 29°55′40″N 81°19′31″W

Near St. Augustine, Florida

Fort Motte South Carolina Calhoun not found
there is a topographic map with the name Fort Motte

Fort Moultrie South Carolina Charleston 1252614 Populated Place
On Sullivan's Island

Fort Necessity National Battlefield Pennsylvania Fayette 39°48′50″N 79°35′20″W

Fort Neilson New York not found

Fort Niagara New York Niagara 973620 Military (historical)

Fort Pitt Pennsylvania Allegheny 1203607

Fort Prince George South Carolina Pickens
Submerged by Lake Keowee South Carolina Oconee 1238590 Reservoir

Fort Putnam [Fort Greene]New York 2104188

Fort Randolph West Virginia
On Kanawha River. Point Pleasant, West Virginia ID 1555381 is on site of original fort

Fort Schuyler New York Bronx 2041477

Fort Stanwix National Monument New York Oneida 1888919

Fort Sullivan South Carolina Charleston
GNIS says this is a variant name for Fort Moultrie ID 1252614

Fort Ticonderoga New York Essex 972498

Fort Toulouse Alabama Elmore 1680994 Military (historical)

Fort Toulouse State ParkAlabama Elmore 154690 Park

Fort Toulouse National Historic Park Alabama Elmore 137203 Park

Fort Vincennes Indiana not found

Fort Washington New York Manhattan 2083798

Fort Watson South Carolina 33.53896°N 80.43783°W
Battle April 15-23, 1781, near Summerton South Carolina Clarendon 1251072 Populated Place

Fort Wentworth
The fort was built at the junction of the Upper Ammonoosuc River and Connecticut River
A stone monument stands near the village of Groveton on U.S. Route 3 near the site of the fort.
[Wikipedia information]

Fort William Henry New York Warren 972500 Military

Fort William Henry was a British fort at the southern end of Lake George in the province of New York.
Described as existing during French and Indian War of 1757-1763. 43°25′13″N 73°42′40″W

For the fort of the same name in Maine, see Fort William Henry (Pemaquid Beach, Maine).

Fort Wilson not found
On October 4, 1779, the Fort Wilson Riot began. After the British had abandoned Philadelphia [Wikipedia]

Forty Fort Pennsylvania Luzerne 1175026 Populated Place

Framingham Massachusetts Middlesex 611641 Populated Place

Frankford Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1175134 Populated Place
now within Philadelphia city limits

Fredericksburg New York [West Patterson 975775 has variant name Fredericksburgh]

Freehold New Jersey Monmouth 876504 Populated Place

Freeman’s Farm New York Saratoga
Stillwater 42 59 56 73 38 15
Freeman Farm Overlook New York Saratoga 950666 Locale

Frog Hollow New Jersey
Neighborhood within city of Elizabeth, New Jersey Feature ID 885205

Gloucester Massachusetts Essex 615084 Populated Place

Greenwich, Rhode Island Now East Greenwich 1220017 and West Greenwich 26313444. Greenwich Cove 1218368 Kent

Georgetown South Carolina Georgetown 1232326 City Hall

German Flatts New York Herkimer
[Town of German Flatts] New York Herkimer 978997 Civil

Germantown Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1214070 Populated Place

Gilbert Town (Historical)North Carolina Rutherford 1008432 Populated Place

Gloucester New Jersey Camden 876644 Populated Place

Gloucester Virginia Gloucester 1498482 Populated Place
On North. bank of James River, near Yorktown, opposite Old Point Comfort

Gnadunhutten Massacre Ohio not found
On Muskingum River
{Gnadenhuetten Ohio Global Gazetteer, }

[Gold Hill School] South Carolina York (historical) 1237456 School (historical)

Goochland County Virginia Goochland 1674271 Civil

Gowanus Bay New York Kings 951433 Bay

Gowanus Creek New York Kings 951433 Bay

Granville Massachusetts Hampden 608430 Populated Place

Granville County North Carolina Granville 1008556 Civil

Gravesend New York Kings 951597 Populated Place

Gravesend New York Kings 951598 Bay

Gravesend New York Kings 951599 Cemetery

Great Barrington Massachusetts Berkshire 607441 Populated Place

Great Bridge Virginia Chesapeake city 1494965 Populated Place
Great Bridge, Battle of December 9, 1775 36°43′11″N 76°14′19″W
According to Wikipedia article The bridge was across the Elizabeth River, about 9 miles south
of Norfolk in the village of Great Bridge. It is now a community within the city of Chesapeake, Virginia.

Great Carrying Place New York not found
Between Fort Stanwix and Lake Oneida
Wikipedia says that it was a portage road between Mohawk River and Wood Creek in Rome, New York.
Oneida County USGS GNIS has two Wood Creek entries in Oneida County, both of which empty into the river
Feature ID 971601 and 971599

Great Falls of Dan North Carolina not found Falls
[unknown] 100 Waterfalls in North Carolina
This may be near South Boston Virginia Feature ID 1501641

Green Mountains Vermont Lamoille 1460934 Range

Great Bridge Virginia Chesapeake city 1494965 Populated Place

Great Ravine New York Saratoga 2079835
Freeman’s Farm [See also Freeman Farm Overlook entry]

Green Spring Virginia not found
Battle 7/6/1781
Green Spring Farm Virginia James City County not found

Greenwich Connecticut Fairfield 207503 Populated Place
Formerly known as Horseneck in 1700s

Greenwood South Carolina Greenwood 1249874 Populated Place
formerly Ninety-Six ?

Groton Heights Connecticut New London 1930960 Populated Place
Battle 9/6/1781

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park North Carolina Guilford 986193 Park

Gulph Road Pennsylvania not found
Near Valley Forge National Historical Park Montgomery 1211947 Park

Gum Swamp South Carolina not found
None in Camden 3 Gum Swamp, 1 Betty Neck Swamp with variant name Gum Swamp says this is also known as the Battle of Saunder’s Creek, Kershaw County, South Carolina,

August, 1780
The 2 Saunders Creeks found in the USGS GNIS for South Carolina are in Berkeley County

Gwynn’s Island Virginia
Battle 7/8-10/1776 near mouth of Piankatank River
Gwynn Island Virginia Matthews 1467620 Island

Hackensack New Jersey Bergen 876855 Populated Place
also 885236

Hackensack [City of Hackensack Court] New Jersey Bergen 885236 Populated Place

Hackensack River New Jersey Bergen 876860 Stream

Haddonfield New Jersey Camden 2659970 Populated Place

Haddrell’s Point South Carolina Charleston
Haddrell Point South Carolina Charleston 1222963 Cape

Haile Gold Mine South Carolina Lancaster 1241663 Mine

Haile Gold Mine School South Carolina Lancaster 1241664 School (historical)

Halifax North Carolina Halifax 986304 Populated Place

{Halifax (redoubt) North Carolina Global Gazetteer , }

Hampton City of Hampton Virginia Hampton 1498554 Civil

Hampton Roads Virginia Hampton City 1479573 Populated Place

Hancock Massachusetts Berkshire 606673 Populated Place

Hancock’s Bridge New Jersey Salem 876925 Populated Place
Battle 3/21/1778

Hanging Rock South Carolina
Battle 8/6/1780
Hanging Rock Creek South Carolina Kershaw 1223017 Stream
Hanging Rock South Carolina Lancaster 1241667 Pillar

{Hanging Rock I; (Bryan’s Camp) ; Global Gazetteer , 4 }
{Hanging Rock II (Carden’s Camp); Global Gazetteer , }

Hannah’s Cow Pens
See Cow Pens

Hanover County Virginia Hanover 1480132 Civil

Hanover Town Virginia Hanover 1498487 Populated Place

Harlem Heights New York
Now Washington Heights

Harrington New Jersey USGS GNIS Harrington Park Bergen 876962

Hartford Connecticut Hartford 213160 Populated Place

Haverhill New Hampshire Grafton 867410 Populated Place

Haw River North Carolina Alamance[Chatham] 986517 Stream

Hawthorne New Jersey Passaic 877005 Populated Place
Known as Wagaraw in 1700s

Head of Elk [Elkton] Maryland 590150 Populated Place
Current name Elkton

High Hills South Carolina Sumter
High Hills School South Carolina Sumter 1245981 School

Hightstown New Jersey Mercer 877111 Populated Place

Hillsborough New Jersey Somerset 877119 Populated Place

Hillsborough North Carolina Orange 986830 Populated Place

Hobkirk’s Hill South Carolina
[Hobkirk Hill] South Carolina Kershaw 1235105 Summit

Hog Point Virginia
[Hog Point] Virginia Surry 1468112
[Hog Point] Virginia Westmoreland 1468113

Holston River North Carolina Stream
? South Carolina
Holston Branch South Carolina Aiken 1246026 Stream
Holston Creek South Carolina Spartanburg 1246027 Stream

Hoods Virginia not found
{Hood’s Point Virginia ; Global Gazetteer http://gaz.jrs }

Hopewell New Jersey Mercer 879208 Populated Place
Pennington was also Hopewell in the past

Hopewell New Jersey Mercer 885260 Borough

Hopewell New Jersey Mercer 882129 Township

Hopewell New Jersey Mercer 877244 Populated Place

Hopewell New Jersey Sussex 882284 Populated Place

Hopewell New Jersey Cumberland 882056 Township

Horens Hook New York not found
[also known as Hornshook, Harris's Point, opposite Hurlgate. Information from a
HeritageQuest book cite. May be a place on Manhattan Island. It may also have been known
as Hoorn's Hook or Hoorne's Hook]

Horseneck Connecticut now Greenwich, Connecticut Feature ID 207503

Howell’s Ferry
[Yardley] New Jersey 1191860

Howell’s Ferry South Carolina
On Congaree River
USGS GNIS has entry for Santee River Georgetown County Feature ID 1250783 with a variant name
Congaree River.
USGS GNIS has entry for Congaree River Richland County Feature ID 1249468 with 3 variant names,
Deep River, Great Santee River, and Santee River

Howell’s Ferry South Carolina ; Global Gazetteer }

Howland’s Ferry Rhode Island Newport
[Tiverton Rhode Island Newport 1219588 Populated Place]
Tiverton USGS GNIS entry says Howlands Ferry is a variant citation for Tiverton

Hubbardton Battlefield Vermont Rutland 1921928
Battle 7/7/1777

Huck’s Defeat not found
Battle 7/12/1780 Battle of Williamson’s Plantation, near McConnells, York County

{Huck’s Defeat South Carolina ; Global Gazetteer }

Hudson Highlands region New York
[Hudson Highlands State Park Orange 973812 Park]

Hughes Creek North Carolina not found Stream
? GNIS ID numbers 987230, 1012264, 987233, 997229

Huntington Bay New York Suffolk 953490 Populated Place

Iredell County North Carolina Iredell 1008565 Civil
Western part of state, probably not RevWar

Iron Hill Delaware Cooches Bridge Delaware See Iron Hill, Delaware
Battle 9/3/1777

Jamaica, Long Island New York Queens 953916 Populated Place

Jamaica Pass New York Kings or Queens County not found

James Island South Carolina Charleston 1223510 Island

James River Virginia Isle of Wight 1488853 Stream

Jamestown Virginia 1492295 Populated Place (historical),

James City


Jeffrey’s Hook New York
across from Fort Lee, New Jersey
Fort Washington Point Light 974210 variant name include Jeffrey’s Hook

Johns Island South Carolina Charleston 1223592 Island

Johnson’s Ferry New Jersey
Titusville near Washington Crossing not found

Juniata River Pennsylvania Dauphin 1214680 Stream

Kakiat New York
now New Hempstead, New York

Kanawha River West Virginia Fayette 1551620 Stream

Kaskasia Illinois Randolph 411319 Populated Place
Old Kaskaksia 423036

Kemp’s Landing North Carolina not found
Near mouth of Elizabeth River

{Kemp’s Landing Virginia Global Gazetteer, }

Kennett Square Pennsylvania Chester 1178377 Populated Place

Kettle Creek Georgia Wilkes 316400 Stream

Kettle Creek Georgia Columbia 348904 Populated Place

King’s Bridge New York Bronx 954655
? northern Bronx?

Kings Creek [The Gaul] 1220116
The Gaul: Board of Geographic Names variant is Kings Creek

Kings Creek South Carolina Cherokee 987996 Stream

Kings Creek South Carolina Allendale 1220103 Stream

Kings Creek South Carolina Oconee 1228123 Stream

King’s Ferry(historical)New York Rockland 2367719 Crossing
Hudson River

King’s Mountain South Carolina South of Kings Mountain North Carolina, near present day Blacksburg, SC

Kings Mountain Battleground Cemetery South Carolina Cherokee 1243591 Cemetery

Kingston New Jersey Somerset 877579 Populated Place

Kingston New York Ulster 954683 Populated Place

Kip’s Bay New York Manhattan 2062669 Populated Place

Kittanning Pennsylvania Armstrong 1214737 Populated Place
[From Attiquel
{Kittanning Pennsylvania Armstrong; Global Gazetteer }

Klock's Field New York
Battle 10/19/1780
[Saint Johnsville New York Montgomery 963694 Populated Place]

Lafayette Indiana Tippecanoe 437501 Populated Place
Former Quiatenon

Lake Champlain Vermont Chittenden 946367 Lake

Lake Erie Ohio Lake 1078513 Lake

Lake George New York Warren 970163 Lake

Lake Oneida
Oneida Lake New York Oswego 959369 Lake

Lake Ontario New York Monroe 970427 Lake

Lampriers Point South Carolina not found

Lempriere Point South Carolina {Global Gazetteer }

Lancaster Pennsylvania Lancaster 1215339 Civil

Laurel Hill, New York [Probably the Laurel Hill 973584 Queens, on the Brooklyn map]

Lawrenceville New Jersey 877709 Populated Place
Known as Maidenhead in 1700s

League Island, Pa. see Long Island, Pa.

Lebanon Connecticut Populated Place
4 places in USGS GNIS with this name

Lebanon Pennsylvania Lebanon 1213629 Populated Place

Lechmere’s Point [Lechmere Canal]Massachusetts 1971440

Leneuds Ferry Bridge South Carolina Berkeley 1251769 Bridge

Lexington Battle Green Massachusetts Middlesex 1972366 Park

Ligonier Pennsylkvania Westmoreland 1192782 Populated Place

Litchfield Connecticut Litchfield 208497 Populated Place

Little Dan River North Carolina Stokes 988621 Stream

Little Dan River Virginia Patrick 1469526 Stream

Little Egg Harbor New Jersey Ocean 877833 Bay
Battle 10/4-5/1778

Little Miami River Ohio Hamilton 1066805 Stream
Flows into Ohio River has East, West, North Fork

Little Swamp River New York Stream not found
3 miles east of Fort Niagara
Fort Niagara New York Niagara 973620 Military (historical)

Logstown Pennsylvania located on Ohio River

Long Bridge Virginia Charles City 1478984 Bridge
[This entry is for a Long Bridge north of Roxbury, Virginia, crossing the Chickahominy River

20 miles south of Norfolk, at a causeway and swamp
See Great Bridge Virginia entry. Perhaps these are the same place.

Little Mountain Kentucky not found
Battle 3/22/1782

Little Mountain (historical) Kentucky Muhlenberg 2743022 Populated Place

Long Island New York Suffolk 977426 Island

Longmeadow Massachusetts Hampden 609034 Populated Place
Hampden County formerly part of Hampshire County

Loudon Tennessee not found Populated Place

Loyalhanna Creek Pennsylvania Westmoreland 1180049 Stream
Near Fort Ligonier

Ludlow {Town of Ludlow] Massachusetts Hampden 618187 Civil

Lyme [Town of Lyme] Connecticut New London 213453 Civil

Lynches Creek
Little Lynches Creek Ssouth Carolina Lancaster 1224016 Stream

Machault Pennsylvania not found
At Venango [There are 4 populated places in Pennsylvania with the name Venango]

Mad River Ohio Montgomery 1066821 Stream
Piqua is located on it

historical Piqua in Clark Co, and Piqua in Miami Co

Maidenhead New Jersey 877709 Populated Place
Currently known as Lawrenceville

Manasquam Creek New Jersey not found Stream
[Manasquam River New Jersey]
{Global Gazetteer, }

Manhattan New York New York 2432105 Island

Marblehead Massachusetts Essex 614728 Populated Place

Matson’s Ford Pennsylvania not found
Matsonford Station Pennsylvania Montgomery 2348778 Populated Place

Mattaponi River Virginia King and Queen 1470192 Stream
[The South Yeocomico River Virginia Northumberland 1474903 has a variant
name of Mattaponi River]

Maumee River Ohio Lucas 1084017 Stream

McConkey’s Ferry New Jersey
Near Washington’s Crossing
[Washington Crossing New Jersey Mercer 881558 Populated Place
has had 4 variant names, including McConkeys Ferry]

McGellaird’s Brook New Jersey

Mecklenburg [County] North Carolina Mecklenberg 1008570 Civil

Menotomy Massachusetts Middlesex 612141 Populated Place
Current name Arlington

Merian’s Corner Massachusetts
[Minute Man National Historic Park] Middlesex 600051 Park

Miami Indiana Miami 439006 Populated Place
Now Fort Wayne Indiana Allen 434689 Populated Place

Michilimackinac Michigan
Fort Michilimackinac Historical Marker Michigan Emmet 2369475 Park

Middle Ravine New York Saratoga 2079828
Freeman Farm area

Middlebrook New Jersey Somerset?
Middlebrook, New Jersey not found [Middlebrook Heights 878107 Somerset Ridge]

Middlebrook Heights New Jersey Ssomerset 878107 Ridge

Mill Creek New York Saratoga 957233 Stream

Millstone New Jersey Mercer 883458
Somerset 878383 Court House in 1700s

Minisink, New Jersey or is it in North Carolina Camp Minisink NJ 875146 Sussex

Minisink North Carolina `
Battle 7/19/1770

Minisink Battlefield Mount New York Sullivan 974576 Locale

Mobile Alabama Mobile 155153 Populated Place
Baldwin County across bay

Mohawk River New York Saratoga 970360 Stream

Mohawk River East BranchNew York Oneida 949007 Stream

Mohawk River West BranchNew York Oneida 969127 Stream

Mohawk Valley New York Oneida
[Oneida County New York Oneida 974131 Civil]

Monck’s Corner South Carolina Berkeley 1246709 Populated Place

Monk’s Corner South Carolina not found
Battle /14/1780

{Monck’s Corner South Carolina ; Global Gazetteer }

{Monck’s Corner; below (Fairlawn?) South Carolina ; Global Gazetteer }

Monmouth [Monmouth Battlefield State Park]New Jersey Monmouth 2045129

Monongahela River Pennsylvania Allegheny 1209053 Stream
Joins Allegheny River in Pittsburgh to form Ohio River

Montauk Point New York Suffolk 957542 Cape

Monticello Virginia Albemarle 1470690 Building
Battle 6/3/1781

Moore’s Creek Bridge South Carolina not found

Moore’s Creek National Battlefield not found
{Moore’s Creek North Carolina ; Global Gazetteer }

Moores Creek South Carolina Saluda 1224640 Stream

Morrisania New York Bronx 957700 Populated Place

Morristown New Jersey Morris 878494 Populated Place

Morristown New Jersey Middlesex 883001 Populated Place

Moses Kill not found
{Moses Kill, New York Global Gazetteer, }

Moulton’s Hill Massachusetts Suffolk not found Summit
Near Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill

Mount Benedict Massachusetts Suffolk 617084 Summit
Known in 1775 as Ploughed Hill

Mount Defiance Vermont? not found
Known as Sugar Loaf; related to Ticonderoga

Mount Hope Rhode Island Bristol 1219847 Summit

Mount Hope Swamp South Carolina Williamsburgh not found
Battle March 8, 1781, near Santee River

Mount Hope Swamp South Carolina Clarendon 1249590 Stream

{Mount Hope Swamp South Carolina ; Global Gazetteer }

Mount Independence Vermont not found

Mount Independence State Historic Site Vermont Addison 1918175 Park
Mount Independence Vermont Addison 1457960 Summit
Fort Mount Independence(historical) Vermont Addison 1918103 Military

Mount Vernon [Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens]Virginia Fairfax 1495975 Park

Muskingum River Ohio Washington 1084024 Stream

Mystic River Massachusetts Middlesex 619309 Stream

Nantucket Island Massachusetts Nantucket 619338 Island

Narragansett Bay Rhode Island Bristol 1218465 Bay

Necessity Pennsylvania not found
[See Fort Necessity National Battlefield]

Neuse River North Carolina Pamlico 1013910 Stream

Newark [City New Jersey 2056502 Populated Place

Newburgh New York Orange 958948 Populated Place

New Acquisition DistrictSouth Carolina York 1248019
Now York County, formerly part of Tryon County, NC

New Bedford Massachusetts Bristol 613704 Populated Place

New Bern North Carolina Craven 1013911 Populated Place

New Brunswick New Jersey Middlesex 878275 Populated Place

New Castle Delaware New Castle 214379 Populated Place

New Castle Pennsylvania Populated Place

[New Castle Pennsylvania Schuykill 1182297 Populated Place]
[Township of New Castle Pennsylvania Schuykill 1217007 Civil]
[City of New Castle Pennsylvania Lawrence 1215336 Civil]
[New Castle Pennsylvania Lawrence 1193014 Populated Place
[New Castle Pennsylvania Clearfield 1213543 Populated Place

New Haven Connecticut New Haven 209231 Populated Place

New Hempstead, New York A USGS GNIS search under Kakiat leads to New Hempstead, Rockland County 979673

New London Connecticut New London 209237 Populated Place

New London Virginia Populated Place
Virginia Campbell 1471466 Populated Place
Caroline 1477576 Populated Place
[Gills] variant name is New London Amelia 1497787 Populated Place

New Braintree Massachusetts Worcester 609752 Populated Place

New Perth [Salem] New York Washington 964292 Populated Place
New Perth is variant name

New Windsor New York Orange 958467 Populated Place

Newport Rhode Island Newport 1217986 Populated Place

Newtown [Elmira] New York Chemung 949577 Populated Place
Near present day Elmira

Newtown Pennsylvania Bucks 1182422 Populated Place

Niagara River New York Niagara 958457 Stream

Niles Michigan Berrien 633412 Populated Place
Former St.Joseph
[City of Saint Joseph Michigan Berrien 1627031 Civil]
[Fort Saint Joseph Historical Marker Berrien 2374113 Park]
[Fort Saint Joseph Historical Marker St. Clair 2581688 Park]

Ninety-Six South Carolina Greenwood 1249874 Populated Place
Now known as Greenwood. Elko South Carolina Barnwell 1247656 has variant name
Ninety Six

Norfolk Virginia Norfolk 1497051 Populated Place

North Castle New York Westchester 2557692 Populated Place

Northampton Massachusetts Hampshire 606674 Populated Place

Norwalk Connecticut Fairfield 209405 Populated Place

Norwich Connecticut New London 209410 Populated Place

Nottingham New Hampshire Rockingham 868845 Populated Place

Old Point Comfort Virginia Hampton (city) 1479261 Cape
On South bank of James River, opposite Gloucester

Old Puckett Ferry(historical) South Carolina Greenwood 1251762 Crossing

Old Saybrook Connecticut Middlesex 209498 Populated Place
Known as Saybrook in Revolutionary War era

Old Tappan New Jersey Bergen 878969 Populated Place
Battle 9/27/1778

[Old Waxhaws Church] South Carolina Lancaster 1249978 Church
? Waxhaws battle

Oliphant Mill North Carolina not found
{I think that it is now on the east shore of Jordan Lake, or inundated by the lake.}

near Medford, NJ, Burlington NJ not found

Onion River [Winooski River]Vermont 1460304 Stream


Onoquaga New York see
Near Windsor, New York

Onoquaga, New York now Colesville, New York [USGS GNIS has North Colesville 958753 Broome and West Colesville 969182

Broome both Populated Place . Town of Colesville 978851 Civil Broome]

Orangetown, New York now Tappan, New York [Tappan 967057 Rockland Populated Place]

Orange County North Carolina Orange 1008576 Civil

Orangeburg South Carolina Orangeburg 2404441 Populated Place

Oriskany Battle MonumentNew York Oneida 959481 Pillar

Osborne Hill

Oswego New York Oswego 979325 Civil
Former name Chouegen

Oswego Creek New York not found Stream
NOT Oswayo Creek, Cattaraugus County 959522 which has a variant name Oswego Creek

Oswego River New York Oswego 959532 Stream

Otter Creek New York Stream
Near Lake Champlain current names do not match with location of Otter Creek
near Lake Champlain

Otter Island Georgia not found Island

Oyster Bay New York Nassau 957717 Bay

Paramus, New Jersey (now Ridgewood, New Jersey) USGSGNIS Paramus 879115; Ridgewood 879689 Bergen
Paramus NJ

Pacolet River South Carolina 1250005 Stream

Pacolet River North South Carolina 1024194 Stream

Pacolet River South South Carolina 1250966 Stream

Painter’s Ford Pennsylvania Chester not found
Near Brandywine PA

Palmer Massachusetts Hampden 609578 Populated Place

Pamunkey River Virginia King William 1472037 Stream
York River is also a variant name, also North Anna River

Paoli Tavern ` Pennsylvania Chester not found

Parker’s Ferry South Carolina
Parkers Ferry(historical) South Carolina Colleton 1240697 Crossing

Passaic River New Jersey Essex 879159 Stream

Paulus Hook [Jersey City] New Jersey 877450
Current name: Jersey City

Peekskill New York Westchester 960097 Populated Place

Pell’s Point New York Bronx not found
Manhattan or Bronx

Paulus Hook New Jersey
[Jersey City New Jersey Hudson 877450 Populated Place

USGS GNIS has Paulus Hook as variant name for Jersey City

Peekskill New York Westchester 960097 Populated Place
Battle 3/23/1777

Pennington New Jersey Mercer 879208 Populated Place
Once known as Hopewell

Pennypacker's Mill Pennsylvania not found
Battle of Germantown, this was also a Washington HQ, mill is at Schwenksville,
[USGS GNIS ID 1187145] according to [ ]

Penobscot Maine Hancock 573172 Populated Place
Battle 7/19/1779

Penobscot Bay Maine Knox 573174 Bay

Pensacola Florida Escambia 294117 Populated Place

Perth Amboy New Jersey Middlesex 879245 Populated Place
Known as Amboy in 1770s

Peterborough New Hampshire Hillsborough 869101 Populated Place

Petersborough New Hampshire Populated Place
May be Peterborough today

Petersburg Virginia Petersburg city 1497087 Populated Place

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1209187 Populated Place

Piankatank River Virginia Middlesex 1472267 Stream
south of Rappahannock River
Dragon Swamp 1465941 had variant name Piankatank River

Pickawilany Ohio
Current Piqua, Ohio

Piqua Ohio Miami 1061544 Populated Place
Formerly Pickawilany and other variant names

Piqua (historical) Ohio Clark 1068047 Populated Place

Pittsfield Massachusetts Berkshire 607643 Populated Place

Ploughed Hill Massachusetts Suffolk 617084 Summit
Current name is Mount Benedict

Point Judith Rhode Island Washington 1219868 Cape
Washington 1219866 Populated Place

Pompton New Jersey Passaic 879413 Populated Place

Portsmouth Rhode Island Newport 1218173 Populated Place

Portsmouth Virginia Portsmouth (city) 1497102 Populated Place

Potomac River Maryland St. Mary’s 597915 Stream

Poughkeepsie New York Dutchess 961058 Populated Place

Presque Isle Pennsylvania Erie 1184394 Cape

Prince Edward Court House Virginia Prince Edward
[Prince Edward County Court House] Prince Edward 1492328 Building

Prince George’s County Maryland Prince George’s 1714670 Civil

Prince George County Virigina Prince George 1480160 Civil

Princeton New Jersey Mercer 879490 Populated Place

Prospect Hill Massachusetts Middlesex not found
Multiple locations

Providence Rhode Island Providence 1220076 Civil

Purrysburg South Carolina Jasper not found
historical abandoned town according to and other sources. It was located on the
banks of the Savannah River. It was west of Hardeeville, Feature ID 1223032. Purrysburg Road is a
north-south road parallel to the Savannah River.

Pyle’s Ford Pennsylvania Chester not found
Battle of Brandywine 9/11/1777

Quaker Bridge New Jersey Burlington
Website says it is now a ghost town in Burlington County,
near Atsion. Atsion is Feature ID 874418.

Queen Anne’s County Maryland Queen Anne’s 596089 Civil

Quinton’s Bridge New Jersey Salem
Battle 3/18/1778 Crosses Alloway Creek Salem County Feature ID 874309
{Global Gazetteer may have additional information}

Quinton New Jersey Salem 879574 Populated Place

Rahway River New Jersey Union 885363 Stream

Ramseurs Mill North Carolina
Battle 6/20/1780
Near Lincolnton, North Carolina Lincoln 1021154 Populated Place

{Global Gazetteer; }

Ransomvale Vermont Rutland 1922065 Populated Place

Rappahanock River Virginia Lancaster 1479404 Stream

Raritan New Jersey Somerset 879613 Populated Place
Somerville has Raritan as variant name

Raritan River New Jersey Middlesex 879618 Stream
Two branches in Somerset Co.

[Bedford] Pennsylvania Bedford 1213610 Populated Place

Reading Pennsylvania Berks 1184733 Populated Place

Reading Furnace Pennsylvania Chester not found
[Township of Warwick Pennsylvania Chester 1216183 Civil]
[Township of East Nantmeal Pennsy Chester 1216153 Civil]
Location based on information in Wikipedia entry

Rebellion Road South Carolina Charleston Channel
[Rebellion Reach] South Carolina Charleston 1225775 Channel

Red Clay Creek Delaware New Castle 214523 Stream
Revolutionary War location action was in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Richmond Virginia Richmond city 1499957 Populated Place

Ridgefield Connecticut Fairfield 210183 Populated Place
Battle April 27, 1777 Danbury and Westport

Ringwood New Jersey Passaic 879698 Populated Place

Roanoke River North Carolina Bertie 1502110 Stream

Rocky Hill New Jersey Somerset 879767 Populated Place

Rocky Hill New Jersey Mercer 879768 Summmit

Rocky Mount North Carolina
Battle 8/1/1780
Rocky Mount North Carolina Nash 1022368 Populated Place

{Rocky Mount Global Gazetteer, }

Rogers Island New York Island
Both islands are in Hudson River
Rogers Island #1. New York Columbia 926820 Island in Hudson, NY
Rogers Island #2. New York Washington 926821 Island in Fort Edward, NY

Rowan County North Carolina Rowan 1008583 Civil
Hillsborough county seat

Rutland Vermont Rutland 1461361 Populated Place

Sakonnet Point Rhode Island Newport 1217843 Cape

Sandy Point Virginia on James River [24 possible locations] not found

Saybrook Connecticut now Old Saybrook, Connecticut [209498 Middlesex]

Scottsburg New York Livingston 964694 Populated Place
[located in Town of Conesus, location of Union Cemetery, where Daniel Shays is buried]

Scottsburg New York Livingston 2584291 Census Designated Place
[located in Town of Conesus, location of Union Cemetery, where Daniel Shays is buried]

Severn River Maryland Anne Arundel 587285 Stream

Sleepy Hole Virginia not found
A book in the HeritageQuest database refers to a ferry in Nansemond County at Sleepy Hole
Nansemond County is a now extinct county that ceased to exist in 1974. It is now part of the city of
Suffolk, Virginia. There is a Sleepy Hole Point, Feature ID 1479635. There is a Nansemond River,
Feature ID 1480021.

Saint Augustine Florida Saint Johns 308101 Populated Place

Saint Croix River Maine Washington 574967 Stream
Forest City Stream 578917 has also been called Saint Croix River.
It connects Mud Lake with Grand Lake.

Saint Francis River Maine Aroostook 574709 Stream

St. Jerome’s Point Maryland
[Saint Jerome Point] Maryland Saint Mary’s 594934 Cape

Saint Simons Island Georgia Glynn 356512 Island

Salem North Carolina not found Populated Place
USGS GNIS has 8 Salem in 8 counties, plus a New Salem and Old Salem

Salisbury North Carolina Rowan 994186 Populated Place

Sandusky Ohio Erie 1076832 Populated Place
On Lake Erie

Sandy Hook New Jersey Monmouth 882562 Cape

Santee River South Carolina Georgetown 1250783 Stream

Santo River South Carolina not found Stream

Saugutuck River Connecticut Fairfield 210665 Stream
Battle of Ridgefield

Saunders Creek [Flagg Creek] 1227810
Saunders Creek now Flagg Creek

Savannah Georgia Chatham 322590 Populated Place

Schenectady New York Schenectady 964570 Populated Place

Schuylkill River Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1192202 Stream

Scioto River Ohio Scioto 1072258 Stream

Second Watchung MountainNew Jersey Summit 880464
See First Watchung and Watchung Mountain

Sheffield Massachusetts Berkshire 607710 Populated Place

Shrewsbury [Township of Shrewsbury]New Jersey Monmouth 882603 Populated Place

Shute’s Folly South Carolina Charleston 1226606 Island

Simmons Island South Carolina not found
Simmons’ Island South Carolina Global Gazetteer

Singleton’s Mill South Carolina Sumter not found
Battle December 14, 1780 map shows its location as south of Wedgefield, Feature ID 1227457,
and north of Pinewood, Feature ID 1231662

{Singleton’s Mill South Carolina Global Gazetteer:}

Skippack Pennsylvania Montgomery 1187761 Populated Place

[Whitehall] New York Washington 971145 Populated Place]

Smith Ferry New Jersey Sussex 880660 Locale

Smith’s Ferry South Carolina Union 1251726 Crossing (historical)

Somerset County Maryland Somerset 596907 Civil

Somerset [Millstone] New Jersey Somerset 878383 Populated Place
Somerset Court House is variant name for Millstone

South Granville New York Washington 965755 Populated Place

Spence’s Ordinary Virginia
Battle 6/28/1781 Site of a Tavern about 6 miles north of Williamsburg Virginia
[Williamsburg Virginia Williamsburg city 1498851 Populated Place

{Spencer's Ordinary Virginia; Global Gazetteer }

Split Rock Road New York Bronx
Pelham Bay Park New York Bronx 960108 Park

Springfield Massachusetts Hampden Populated Place
[Springfield Museum Quadrangle Hampden 1978487 Park]

Springfield Armory National Historic Site Hampden 1888963 Park

Springfield New Jersey Burlington 882958 Populated Place

Springfield New Jersey Union 880818 Populated Place

Stamford Connecticut Fairfield 211129 Populated Place

Staten Island New York Richmond 942078 Island

Stinking Quarter [creek]North Carolina Alamance 995523 Stream

Stockbridge Massachusetts Berkshire 609749 Populated Place

Stono Ferry South Carolina
Battle 6/20/1779 near present day Rantowlee South Carolina not found

{Stono Ferry South Carolina Global Gazetteer}

Stono Ferry Golf Course South Carolina Charleston 2490060

Stono River South Carolina Charleston 1226912 Stream

Stony Brook Stream
7 PA and NJ locations

Stony Point Bay New York Rockland 966590 Bay

Stony Point Cape New York Rockland 966580 Cape

Suffolk Virginia not found Populated Place
{Suffolk Virginia Global Gazetteer

Sullivan’s Island South Carolina Charleston not found Island

Sullivan’s Island SC Cha See Pest House; Sullivan’s Island or Fort Moultrie

Susquehanna River Maryland Cecil 591690 Stream
Also in Pennsylvania

Swede’s Ford Pennsylvania not found
Swede’s Ford Pennsylvania not found
Based on list of Washington’s Headquarters during the war,
It is probably between Upper Dublin Township, Pennsylvania and Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania
The Battle of White Marsh took place December 5-8, 1777. Washington’s headquarters is listed
as being at Swede’s Ford December 12 to 13, and then at Gulph Mills.

Tappan New York Rockland 967057 Populated Place

Tar River North Carolina Stream
Becomes Pamlico River 1024343 or 1024342

Tarrytown New York Rockland 967065 Populated Place

Tellicoe Blockhouse
Tellico Blockhouse State Historic Site Tennessee Monroe 1308345 Park

Tennessee River Kentucky Livingston 517033 Stream

The Great Dismal Swamp North Carolina Camden 1025349 Swamp
[also known as Dismal Swamp; extends north into Virginia]

Thicketty Creek South Carolina Cherokee 1251151 Stream
Also spelled Thickety Creek

Throgs Neck New York Bronx 974267 Cape

Throg’s Neck Bridge New York Bronx 967475 Bridge
Battle 10/12/1776

Tinicum Island Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1988549
now in area that is Philadelphia International Airport

Tiverton Rhode Island Newport 1219588 Populated Place

Torrence’s Tavern North Carolina
Battle 2/1/1781
[Near Mooresville North Carolina Iredell 990209 Populated Place
Between Mooresville and Catawba River Feature ID 1010097

{Torrence's Tavern North Carolina Global Gazetteer}

Totowa, New Jersey Current Totowa is 881215 Passaic; Paterson is 879164 Passaic

Trenton New Jersey Mercer 884540 Populated Place

Trenton Ferry New Jersey
Below Trenton

Tryon County North Carolina Tryon Civil
Divided into Lincoln County Feature ID 1008569 and Rutherford County Feature ID 1008584, in 1779

Turtle Creek Pennsylvania Allegheny 1189972 Stream
On Monongahela River

Tuscarawa historical Ohio Tuscarawa 1074716

Tuscarawas River Ohio Coshocton 1067076 Stream
Flows through Coshocton, Tuscarawas, Stark, and Summit Counties
There are 2 Township of Tuscarawas, Ohio, in Coshocton and Stark Counties T

Two Bridges, New Jersey
881317 Essex; Beaver Lake 876419 Sussex; Retreat 879666 Burlington have variant
name records of Two Bridges

Tybee Island Georgia Chatham 324470 Island

Tyger River Union 1251246 Stream

Tyger River SC See Blackstocks Plantation. Global Gazetteer, }

Tyger River Middle South Carolina 1246634 Stream

Tyger River North South Carolina 1249894 Stream

Tyger River South South Carolina 1250970 Stream

Unadilla New York Otsego 968118 Populated Place

Valcour Island New York Clinton 968345 Island
Battle 10/11/1776

Valley Creek Pennsylvania Chester 1190294 Stream
Chester 1190295 Stream
Chester 1190296 Stream
Valley Creek Feature ID 1190296 is on the Valley Forge topographic map

Valley Forge National Historical Park Pennsylvania Montgomery 1211947 Park
This is on the Valley Forge topographic map

Van Deering's Mill Pennsylvania
Wissahickon Creek 1191626 just above Schuylkill River

Venango Pennsylvania Crawford 1190374 Populated Place
[There are 4 places in Pennsylvania which have the same name, so this may not be
the right Venango.]

Verplanck Point New York Westchester 974273 Cape

{Verplanck’s Point New York Westchester Global Gazetteer,}

Vincennes Indiana Knox 445300 Populated Place
See also George Rogers Clark National Historical Park Vincennes 447197 Park

Wabash River Indiana 449850 Stream
Also records for Old Channel of Wabash River

Wagaraw New Jersey (now Hawthorne, New Jersey) Hawthorne 877005 Passaic

Wando River South Carolina Berkeley 1230462 Stream

Wando River South Carolina 1230462 Stream
Variation of Cooper River. Cooper River also had the name Wando River.

Wando River (Cainhoy) South Carolina Berkeley {Global Gazetteer, }

Warren Rhode Island Bristol 1218506 Populated Place

Warren Tavern Pennsylvania Chester 1218506 Locale
near Paoli

Warwick River Virginia Newport News city 1479823
Stream near Yorktown, VA.
Beaverdam Creek Virginia York 1462954 has variant name York River

Washington Crossing New Jersey Mercer 881558 Populated Place

Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail
[ ] Very useful in tracing the path
of Continental Army and French Army moving down from New England down to Yorktown, Virginia in 1781

Watch Point Rhode Island Washington
[Watch Hill Point]Rhode Island Washington 1217584 Cape

Watchung Mountain Pennsylvania
See First Watchung and Second Watchung

Waterbury Connecticut New Haven 211851 Populated Place

Watauga River Tennessee Washington 1327321 Stream
near Sycamore Shoals

Watertown Massachusetts Middlesex 612401 Populated Place

Waxhaws South Carolina
Battle 5/29/1780
[Old Waxhaws Church] South Carolina Lancaster 1249978 Populated Place

Weitzel’s Mill North Carolina not found
Battle 3/6/1781

Weitzell’s Mill North Carolina Global Gazetteer, }

Wenrock Brook New Jersey Monmouth not found Stream
Battle June, 1778

[West Patterson New York 975775
has variant name Fredericksburgh]

West Point New York Orange 970844 Populated Place

West Springfield Massachusetts Hampden 609105 Populated Place

Westfield Massachusetts Hampden 608962 Populated Place

Westover Virginia Charles City 1500302
The variant name in GNIS is Westover Plantation.
Thomas Jefferson letter March 19, 1781 to Marquis de Lafayette refers to this Westover,
not the Westover Feature ID 1497208 found in Chesapeake City.

Westport Connecticut Fairfield 212029 Populated Place
Ridgefield Battle 4/27/1777; Ridgefield, Danbury

Whitemarsh Pennsylvania Montgomery 1193657 Populated Place
Battle 11/2/1777

White Plains New York Westchester 977432 Populated Place

Wicomico River, Maryland or Virginia
Virginia: Great Wicomico River Northumberland 1467451 probably the ones in Virginia
Little Wicomico River Northumberland 1469686
Maryland: Wicomico River Wicomico 588236
Wicomico River Charles 595017
North Prong Wicomico 586246
South Prong Wicomico 587469

Wilbraham Massachusetts Hampden 609368 Populated Place

Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Luzerne 1213654 Populated Place

Williamsburg Virginia Williamsburg city 1498551 Populated Place

Williamson Farm South Carolina
Location of Battle of Huck’s Defeat. Wikipedia article says battle is near present-day
MCconnells, York County, South Carolina McConnells York County Feature ID is 1246582

Williamson’s Plantation South Carolina York Global Gazetteer ;

Wilmington North Carolina New Hanover 1023269 Populated Place

Wilmington Pennsylvania ? Chester not found Populated Place

Winnsboro South Carolina Fairfield 1251474 Populated Place

Worcester County Maryland Worcester 1668802 Civil

Worcester County Massachusetts Worcester 606940 Civil

Worcester Massachusetts Worcester 617867 Populated Place

Wormley Creek Virginia York 1476993 Stream
Near Yorktown

Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania Luzerne 1191846

Yadkin River South Carolina Stream
near Salisbury
[USGS GNIS says that Yadkin River is in North Carolina, Feature ID 1024415. The Uwharrie
(Feature ID 1025076) and Yadkin Rivers meet to form the PeeDee River Feature ID 1251573,
which joins in South Carolina with Westfield Creek, Feature ID 997066, to form the Great Pee Dee River,
Feature ID 1228058, 1.5 miles N of Cheraw, Feature ID 1247267. Salisbury, South Carolina is not
in the USGS GNIS, to the best of my ability to find it.

{adkin; Forks of the North Carolina Global Gazetteer, }

Yemassee River not found Stream
There was a Native American band or tribe that had this name.

School librarian positions may be stabilizing

The U.S. EEOC conducts a survey every even-numbered year of employment in Public School systems with more than n thousand employees. About 5,000 are covered. The survey is published as Form EEO-5. The survey results for 2012 were published on 4-29-2014. Comparing 2010 and 2012 result numbers for librarian seems to show that decline in employment of librarians has stopped in the 49K range. Trying to find the reports from prior years that I looked at. They had difference URLs than the page for 2010 and 2012.