A sample list of agency publications

This is one of the 350 plus publications lists that I have saved. I search the Catalog of Government Publications http://catalog.gpo.gov/F using the names of government authors in the List of Government Authors. The entries can be edited to make offers lists for other depository libraries.. The first section is the listing. The second is […]

Shelflists of U.S. Govt. agency publications in Catalog of Government Publications

I am assisting a selective depository of United States Government publications assess its collection by creating electronic shelf lists of all publications since 1946. Each publication is found in the online ” Catalog of Government Publications “, httpL//catalog.gpo.gov/F . I think that other depository libraries might be able to use these lists and the ones […]

More updates on the number of federal publications per corporate author

Environmental Protection Agency is close to 13,000. I hope that someone out in “Federal Government Documents Land” can make use of this information that I am compiling.

More new informaiton about publications in the Invisible Federal Government Publications Collection

The Catalog of Government Publications http://catalog.gpo.gov/F has an ADVANCED SEARCH option. When I clicked on this option, I saw there is a line in the top left corner of the new web page for a “Historic Shelflist” This is a list of publications in Superintendent of Documents classification number order that have been added to […]

Some new information about publications that might be in the Invisible Federal Government Publications Collection

I added postings on October 21st, 2011 about the Superintendent of Documents Classification Number stems for documents that were available in my former employer’s library federal government publications collection. I have been working on another project, determining how may Catalog of Government Publications entries there are for each letter or letter group of the Superintendent […]

California as 6 states, see my earlier posts about an independent Texas

I published messages in the fall of 2013 about what would happen to Texas if it were to become an independent nation again. I was doing research for a Toastmasters International Competent Communicator project. Some of the information about an independent Texas would also apply to a division of California into 6 states. Search my […]

What would happen if California would split into 6 states, Part 2

I looked at the online Congressional Directory entries for California available through http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys Search for Congressional Directory, which is http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CDIR-2014-02-18/pdf/CDIR-2014-02-18-CA.pdf I wrote the names of the counties included in each of the 53 districts, and compared the county names with the list of the counties that would be in each of the 6 new states […]

What would happen if California were to split into 6 or more new states?

News reports say that a petition has been submitted to the California officials to put a referendum question on some future election ballot about splitting the state into 6 different states. 1. Where would the state capitol of each new state be located? 2. How many representatives in the U.S. Congress would each new state […]

Demographic information about countries from which unaccompanied children are emigrating to U.S.

I am posting some information sources and suggestions to help people who want to explore the situation. The situation at the U.S. border is not unique. The countries of Europe along the Mediterranean and other seacoast countries may have similar situations as our nation is encountering. Internet searching for library research guides: Use bing/google/yahoo/whatever you […]

Additional Information: Job Titles of M.L.S. holders who work outside the library industry

The job titles are modified titles that I found from web pages located in my search for M.L.S. holders working outside the library industry. ob titles of people who earned a Master of Library Science Degree, but who have jobs outside the library industry. Compiled by Thomas Lindsey 6/30/2014 Accountant Author of novels Artist B2B […]

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