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Humboldt Exhibit Brochure

I completely forgot to post the brochure for the Humboldt exhibit. It turned out rather well I think. BROCHURE
On a side note, the exhibit is now completely done. All labels, graphics, and objects are up! This exhibit was put together super fast (only about 1.5 months) so that’s why it was a bit delayed from it’s opening date. All the items were up last month, but it took the curator a bit longer than expected to get the text edited. Thankfully everything is ready for the TMS (Texas Map Society) meeting this weekend. Their theme is Humboldt, so they should really enjoy our exhibit.
By the way feel free to come up and take a look at the exhibit, don’t be scared: we don’t bite :) The exhibit is open Monday:9-7, Tuesday-Saturday: 9-5. It is free and open to the public (not just UTA students) The exhibit is located on the 6th floor of the Central Library.
I’ll get some gallery shots posted as soon as I can get the time to shoot them. By the way does anyone want to see what it takes to frame/mount items for exhibit? Would that interest anyone out there? If so I’ll be sure to take some pics of prep work with the next exhibit :)

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“Everything Is Interrelated”:Alexander von Humboldt and Our Nineteenth-Century German Connections

“Everything Is Interrelated”—Alexander von Humboldt and Our Nineteenth-Century German Connections

September 1, 2009 through January 9, 2010

The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Sixth Floor Central Library Special Collections

In conjunction with the Texas Map Society’s Fall Meeting on October 3, 2009, The University of Texas at Arlington Library Special Collections commemorates the 150th anniversary of the death of Alexander von Humboldt by celebrating this remarkable man whose influence dominated United States’ exploration and cartography for more than half a century between the time of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and the American Civil War. Considered by some to be the last Renaissance man, Alexander von Humboldt possessed a brilliant capacity to promote his own research, to cultivate his own persona, and to connect peoples, places, things, facts, and ideas. For him everything was interrelated. This exhibit, drawn from UT Arlington Library’s Special Collections, Southern Methodist University’s DeGolyer Library, and other collections, focuses not only upon many of Humboldt’s own major publications, but also examines original works of the American Southwest, Mexico, and Texas by nineteenth-century German authors, cartographers, artists, and printmakers for evidence of direct connections with Humboldt and/or his ideas. Highlights include a rare manuscript copy of Humboldt’s map of New Spain, nineteenth-century German hand atlases with thematic maps of the United States, Texas, and Mexico, and printed panoramic views depicting the valley of the Humboldt River in Nevada and the German settlement of New Braunfels in Texas.

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