Now that the exhibit is all up I’ve turned my attention back to all the projects I had to put on the back burner. It’s all that little stuff that isn’t “must be done now”, but that will pile up if you don’t deal with it. So for me that means mostly web-site design. Last fall we had our biannual Garrett lectures on the History of Cartography. The exhibit was wonderful (50 maps!) and much praised. We had in our plans to have an online component, but exhibit duties made me put it, 1/2 finish, on those back burners. Over the summer I thought I could get back to it, but no, I had to curate and design the summer exhibit (which I loved, but it kept me busy). Then this fall our exhibit came together in 1.5 months, so needless to say I put in some long hours. Now fast forward to October and I finally have some breathing room to work on the web-site. Only problem is I have to remind myself what I was doing. There is nothing more fun the trying to figure out what was going through your mind when you typed in that html code.
So hopefully I’ll be able to get that site up and live soon. Thankfully the spring exhibit is a traveling exhibit, so not as much prep work for me (I hope at least). Keep your fingers crossed and remember not to burn those items you’ve left simmering. :)

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