Students seek careers at job fair

The Maverick Activities Center where the career fair was hosted.

By Porfirio Lopez
Staff writer

Students in suits walked the basketball courts Wednesday at the job fair inside the Mavericks Activities Center in front of the architecture building at UT Arlington for a chance to jump at different career opportunities.

More than 900 current students and alumni met with 164 vendors ranging from Frito-Lay to Kodak and even Lockheed Martin.

Some vendors were chosen but for the most part “they come to us,” said Tracy Fox, support specialist at UT Arlington’s career center.

This year there was an increase in the number of employers as opposed to the previous years.

“On average there are around 135 employers,” said Ayanna Parker, a career consultant who handled the setup inside the MAC.

The numbers aren’t the only thing that changed from previous career fairs. The attire exhibited by students “has improved,” Parker said. She also said the career center offered workshops to help students dress for success.

Many of the employers stressed that appearance is something they look for in a potential employee. They also praised the way UTA students showed their professionalism and great personalities.

Other factors that vendors highlighted as key in first impressions at job fairs were confidence and preparedness, like bringing resumes.

“It shows professionalism and lets vendors decide whether a person is serious about a job position,” said Imelda Banda, a State Farm agent who is a UT Arlington alumna.

To some people like graduate student, Charlie Brockenbush, who is majoring in accounting, coming prepared was no problem. He had a portfolio along with numerous resumes.

Some employers ask for resumes but for the most part the main concern was getting some practice talking to employers, Brockenbush said.

Other students expressed the lack of employers for their particular field. Xing Peng, a graduate student majoring in industrial organizational psychology, expressed the lack of employers for her major.

It’s a good opportunity to network but there were not many vendors that relate to psychology, Peng said. She added that she has fared better at past job fairs where she connected with vendors that were in relation to her field of study.

The career center hosts job fairs once a semester.

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