Computer Science

Just me.Hello UTA,

Where do I start? Well, I am a senior at this great school, and started here back in 2006. I have not been in a rush to graduate, as I work and attend school at the same time. This had caused some issues, as well as some family events that really caused me to suffer a few bad grades.

Hopefully I will be able to continue as a Computer Science major, but if not, there are alot of other choices here on campus. Who knows, I might find something else I love doing taking one of the many electives I am required to take for my degree. I have already ran into the dilemma of the grass being greener on another degree plan, but I have maintained, and continued in my current plan.

I hope to move overseas and find a career in a foreign country. Maybe Russia? Germany? I would love to see these places, and to be able to actually live there would be a very different change of pace.

Well, these are my thoughts for the day. I’ll try to be consistent in writing something each day. And, yeah, I’m very optimistic about this semester. Hope to see what challenges it brings.

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