UT Board of Regents honors seven teachers

UT Board of Regents honors seven teachers

by Richard Twumasi


The University Of Texas System Board Of Regents honored seven staff members from UTA for Excellence in the classroom Tuesday.

Each professor received a cash award and was honored at special ceremony in Austin, TX. The event was made for recognizing faculty members at UT System academic extraordinary classroom innovation and performance at the undergraduate level. The event marks the program’s fourth year.

The awards for the winners included a $25,000 cash award and a metal plaque.

Dr. Veerabathina Nilakshi, an astronomy professor at UTA said it was humbling experience to achieve such an award.

“It was a reflection on me and my work and what I am doing for my students and how to get even better for them,” Dr. Nilakshi said.

The other UTA honorees are Kathleen Tice, education; K.J Rogers, engineering; Victoria Farrar-Myers, political science; Elisabeth Cawthon, history; Christopher Conway, modern languages; Jonathan Davis-Secord, English.

Before being nominated, the honorees were required to assemble a 100-150 page essay on the reason why they believe their teaching and performance are unique among their colleagues.  The task took more than three weeks to complete and submit to the Texas System Board of Regents.

Dr. Elisabeth Cawthon, a history professor at UTA said the writing process was quite long and challenging, “taking several weeks.”  The process made Cawthon realize how her work has really impacted her students in a positive way more than her 25 years teaching at UTA.

The award candidates must show a strong dedication to new ideas and a unique style of teaching to their undergraduate learning experience.

Dr. Victoria A. Farrar-Myers, a political science professor believes her teaching is preparing her students to be critical thinkers for their future careers.

“I know most of my students won’t be political sciences majors so I teach them the concept on applying real world experiences so they can be prepare for whatever field they are going into,” Dr. Myers said.

Also, colleagues, students, and outside judges are the one who decides to choose the UT professors candidate.

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