Introducing me.

In preparation for the new year I thought I’d start a new blog centered around my college life.

I’ve been pretty active since I started school in 2010.

I joined La Societe Francophone, UTA Volunteers, Arlington Socialists,  Theta Chi Omega and soon if it takes off The Meeting of Paths.

I’ve attended many school sponsored events; my favorite being the Fall 2012  Leadership Retreat. That was amazing I learned a lot of useful things at that 3 day.

Some quick facts about me:

~I’m all for LGBT, poly/plyg and religious freedom and all that kinda stuff.
~Freedom of expression is my thing. I’m an artist so it’s my game.
~I believe that people should have a choice to do what they want when it come to their love life. Doesn’t that seem fair. If you have that freedom, why shouldn’t someone else.
~I am a Sophisticated lady of Theta Chi Omega National Multicultural Sorority, Inc.
~ I am pagan and believe that people should strive to be in balance with the earth.
To explain in a bit more detail:
I’m bisexual, so even though I am engaed to a guy and still understand where my Fellow LGBTQ peeps are coming from.
I have always believed that love can not be bond by numbers no matter what mans law says.
People should be allowed to be with whoever they what when they want as long  as all parties involved in any relationships is consenting to what the structure of it is.
And being in a religion that has experience persecution and still living with a severely less extreme form of it now, I appreciate religious freedom greatly.
In general I believe in freedom.
I’m always open to answering question, so if you have any let me know.
This blog will vary in topics so be prepared. The titles should explain all, especially when couple with this intro.
Here is a list of my blogs to check out:
The theta blog is a group blog, but the others are my personal blogs. Check them out.

Next up:


General Overview of paganism and my path.


New Years Resolutions

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