Why I joined Theta Chi Omega National Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

First off  I’m an introvert ( which is why I joined a few different organizations), so joining a sorority was huge for me.  I crossed into Theta Chi Omega  National Multicultural Sorority , Inc, Spring 2012.

I’ll give you a brief history of the sorority. Rosa V. Burgos, Cristina Espinoza, Rosa M. Martinez and Maria G. Morales are the proud founding mothers of our sorority Theta Chi Omega Sorority was founded at the University of Texas at Arlington in October of 1999. Our mothers founded us on the principles of love, respect, trust, and individuality in order to build a sisterhood of women of quality.

I joined this sorority after a year of being acquainted with the ladies. There are 2 reasons why it took me so long. 1) I didn’t look into a sorority until the end of my freshman year so I couldn’t rush. 2) I decided that I needed to do some things before making a commitment.  My lovely sisters kept contact with me the entire time, making sure I  had the support I needed.

In spring I was ready to rush and I did.  I have to admit that  a lot of the Multicultural Greek Council’s sororities looked inviting, but in the end I chose the Thetas.


Academicss and Service.

T-Chi-O is an  academic, service and social sorority like all sororities, the difference is that we focus more on academics and service. These things are very dear to me. Seriously, I wrote my college app essay on why I think education in America should be reformed and how. Academics are the foundation of any successful  person. You must learn the fundamentals to do anything.

Service, well if you read my introduction you know I am pagan. Helping our community is extremely important to people of my faith almost as much as doing service world wide to benefit nature and people. I mean I go over our required 20 hrs easily.

We are social to a certain extent and are trying become a little more social outside of sorority sisters doing things together, but for me this was good.  I am extremely busy between work and school and being a wonderfully doting wife ( not married, but this is another thing in my faith, commitment. We have already made our vows and play our parts. The only thing  holding us back is my desire to have a wedding wedding). I didn’t want the typical sorority girl experience, and I knew that this sorority would fulfill my needs of helping to develop connections and social skills, without me feeling bad because I can’t hang out a lot.


I am a very diverse person myself and this sorority offered me an array of cultures to get to know. I love it!!!! I especially love the motto. I couldn’t have said it better myself. “Strength Through Unity, Love Through Individuality”

This sorority has done wonders for me. I am now president and getting the leadership skills I need. I have been forced in a way to learn to be more social and to become more sure of my self. I believe that I can do anything I want to do. I’m sure I would have came to this realization later in my college career or in life but by then I would have wasted so much time. Its even benefiting my hubby. In our P.A.N.D.A.S program he is able to learn leadership skills as well.

Now here is what my sorority can do for any woman interested in becoming a successful, driven and well rounded Sophisticated Lady.

  1. As a young sorority, you can help establish the traditions on campus in a positive manner.
  2. You have a family away from home. Many sisters meet ladies that help with any homesickness they may have felt and give them honest advice and support.
  3. You have a chance to develop your leadership skills and experience management, organizational, social improvement.
  4. We offer ladies a chance to practice their career paths.
  5. Socially you will gain the college experience in a safe environment around people who care for you. It is always in our minds, that we represent our sorority and do not want to tarnish its name.
  6. Philanthropy and service to the community requirements help us to give back to the community, which during your college life helps to shape you

Not only does being in a sorority help you  have really good points of experience on your resume, but a sorority may give you the opportunity to work closely with university faculty and officials, as well as professionals within the local community. These individuals know that we are students, and when we demonstrate how dedicated and motivated we are, they may be inspired to help us when asked, because they have confidence that their recommendation will not be wasted.

So far its working out great for me. I love it and the opportunities that it has given me versus my other organizations that didn’t give me the extra push I needed.

I am Shalyse Wright-Bethea #77 Mystical, a proud sister of Theta Chi Omega. Thetas 99, Thetas for Life.

Any questions:

email us at thetachiomega@hotmail.com

or visit our site


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