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I am Pagan ( Celtic pagan/ eclectic hedge/hearth witch).
I am an ecletic. I define myself as a Celtic Pagan because my Matron is Brighad. My Patron is Cernununos.
When I first started to research paganism (when I was 12) I knew Immediately that it was the path for me.
But I didn’t know that it was so diverse.
I first started with the Hellenic Path. I knew Greek gods and goddesses the best so I thought I would Identify with them more, but by the time I was 15 that changed.
I was constantly being pushed towards topics that always lead dme back to Celtic beliefs.
I did more research and discovered that I identified more with Celtic Paganism More than anything else.

Defining Celtic Paganism:

Celtic is essentially the ethnic entity consisting of the Irish, Scottish, British (Great Britain, Gaul, Welsh, Cornish).
Celtic paganism therefore is defined by following the Celtic Panteheon.
It is an earth based religion, in which we hold high reverence to the earth that sustains us. Our beliefs are essentially developed around the belief that everything is interconnected.

Now I don’t want to tell you everything. I feel that if you are interested then you’ll do research on your own. I just want to emphasized that I do not follow the Devil and I am not a satanist.
People often confuse Pagans and Satanist. We are extremely different.
If you every have questions about the differences or anything else, feel free to ask.

Next up:
New Years Resolutions
Meeting of Paths

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