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The Hunting Tradition

October 13th, 2013 · Uncategorized

We climb out of bed with sleepy eyes,
mount up into trucks stuffed with gear,
and drive miles to arrive before the sun.
In the quiet stillness, bird of all kinds
sing their good morning songs.

Sons, friends, and brothers gather
on this day to repeat the ancient ritual.
For a day we are united in our purpose.
Birds take flight with first light.

Some would say that we’re here to hunt
mourning dove, little flyers
maneuver with the finesse
of fighter pilots, as they juke and jive.

As I look around I know better.
This is the one day we will all be here, together.
The true purpose of our gathering is the sharing of brotherhood.
A cannonade of shots end the quiet,
and the sky peppered as birds begin to fly.

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The Night Watch, by York

September 16th, 2013 · Uncategorized

The moon looked like a polished silver coin,
suspended in a bowl of cobalt blue.
Its illuminating iridescence,
Cast long shadows across the frozen turf.
Orion and his faithful companion,
Sirius, were sentries, stood guard for the night.
While Jupiter and Venus etched spirals,
swirling their eternal promenade.
My breath turned to clouds of vaporous steam
in the frigid air that winter morning.

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