The Light at the End

April 2, 2012

Greetings everyone!  Welcome to the last full month of the semester.  As the end of the term draws ever closer, we wanted to let you know about our sunset plans, as well our meetings from here until the end.

First, officer elections will be held during the meeting Friday, April 27th.  New officers will assume their duties the first day of the fall semester, but will be included in events until then.  If you are interested in running for one of the three positions, review the constitution to see the duties of the office.  We’ll also be inviting interested persons to sit in on executive meetings over the next couple weeks.  If you have any questions, send them here.

Also, if you attended our last Python presentation by Dr. Nerur, you can download the slides from that presentation so you can practice if you like.

Here’s a list of meetings we’re planning for you guys through the end of the Spring semester.  As always, if you’re not a member, you can always join at the door.

SI Session for Java II: Wednesday, April 4, 1600-1730, COBA 151:
We’ll be debugging problems and helping out with the fourth round of homework for Java II.  Come by and get your code working.

Graduate School Presentation: Thursday, April 5, 1900-2030, COBA 251:
Dr. Davis will be giving a presentation and information session about graduate school offerings specifically for us in the information systems department.  There are exciting opportunities and perks to be taken advantage of even if you’re not a senior right now.  If you’re even thinking about adding a graduate degree to the feathers in your cap, you should definitely attend.

SI Session for Java I: Wednesday, April 11, 1600-1730, COBA 151:
This will be our last SI session for Java I because of how the calendar falls.  We’ll be going over the fourth homework, as well as any questions you have ahead of the test on Tuesday.

Curriculum Meeting: Thursday, April 19, 1900-2030, COBA 152:
Ever had an idea for a class that you think should be offered here?  This meeting is definitely for you.  Dr. Davis is interesting in finding out some ideas and options pertaining to the undergraduate experience.  Come on by.

SI Session for Java II: Wednesday, April 25, 1200-1330, COBA 609:
We’ll be wrapping up our SI Sessions with one last round with Java II.  We’ll be going over the last and final homework.

End of Semester Business & Elections: Friday, April 27, 1200-1330, COBA 153:
We’ll be having our end of semester meeting.  We’ll be discussing possible plans for the future, getting feedback from all our members, and, of course, electing new officers for the fall.  If there were things you liked or didn’t like about this semester, this is definitely your chance to voice your opinion.  if you would like your name preprinted on the ballot for one of the positions, as opposed to being a write-in candidate, send an email by Thursday, April 19.

Python Session 3: Friday, April 27, 1330-1500, COBA 142:

Join us for the third session in our series with Dr. Nerur.

End of Semester Celebration: Saturday, April 28, 2000-2300, Old School Pizza & Suds, 603 W Abram St:
Come by and get free pizza!  Come one, come all, for free!  The Taxmen, a local Beetles tribute band will be playing, and the food is free.  What more could you ask for?  Bring money for the beverage or brew of your choice.

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