UTA Faculty Web Server Sunset Project Important Information

As part of the modernization project for UTA’s webpages, the home page has been transformed into a powerful tool for recruiting and university promotion. One of the next phases involves moving individual faculty and research sites from the old server (www.uta.edu/faculty and wweb.uta.edu/faculty) and onto a modern content management system. The new platform chosen for these faculty sites powers over half the web sites on the Internet. Gone will be the need to install local software and deal with arcane protocols. The new tool is web based and uses your UTA credentials to sign-on.

We need your help to migrate your site to the new cloud-based platform. This Spring, in partnership with Faculty Affairs, one of our team members will contact you to gather some information about your site. In turn, this information will help us to understand the purpose of your site, which in some cases showcases your lab, center research, or contains other faculty-related content. Specifically, we will ask if you have any special requirements for programming language or content storage. We will also ask about published works and video content that may require special handling.

Training for faculty on this new platform is available. Please use this link to sign up for “CampusPress (WordPress)” training.

Based on the information you provide we will offer you a new web site for you or your lab or center. We will take care of getting that site set up and, in most cases, do the preliminary copy-and-paste of your existing content to the new site. Once the new site is ready, we will set up a redirect so that visitors to your old site will automatically be redirected to your new site until the old server is taken off-line (June 2020 estimate).

We appreciate your quick response to our team members once they reach out to you, so you do not experience any disruption. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. You may reply directly to this email if you are ready to get started with your new site.