Welcome to the New Maverick Blogs.

We have migrated to a new and secure blogging platform utilizing the services of  CampusPress and Edublogs, a lead provider of WordPress hosting to higher and primary education. We are now on the latest version of WordPress and all plugins. All Maverick blogs are once again available outside of the UTA network.

Due to the updated and more secure versions some themes have been deprecated. If you were using any of these themes, your blog was been switched to the 2015 default theme.

The list of unsafe and deprecated themes are:
• ChinaRedMU
• Cutline 3-Column Split
• Freshy 2
• Illacrimo
• OrangeSkyMU
• Sweet BlossomsMU

If you have any questions regarding the migration or Maverick blogs in general, please contact the UTA Help Desk.