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Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts Graduate Blog.   Check back often for updates on our students and programs.  Please visit our main website for program specific information.

Opportunities Blog

A blog that focuses on specific funding opportunities for liberal arts graduate studies.  This includes National and Prestigious awards.  Many of these awards requires a great amount of preparation so it is encouraged you learn about each award a year ahead of the actual due dates.  For example, read about Ford Fellowships for 2013 with the idea you will prepare an application for the 2014 competition.

At times, important announcements and due dates will be posted as well.

Graduate Student Activities

As emerging scholars, the college actively support student travel for research and conference presentations. The college has assisted in the funding for student’s dissertation research, such as a Linguistics Ph.D. student trip to  Kenya in order to interview Swahili speakers.  Additionally, students have presented their findings at professional conferences around the globe.  Check out where our students have been, and will be going.  If you are interested in applying for travel funding, please complete an application here.

Events and Happenings

Check here for important announcements on upcoming events, including workshops, ceremonies, socials and graduate conferences being held on campus.

Value of Liberal Arts

A collection of articles and studies providing information on the true value of a liberal arts education.