WomanBecause a poem be like a pearl in the midst of your papers, findeth inscribed below another offering in the style of John of the Donne wherein Master Zachary Sandri compareth love to your modern device of moving portraits.

Celluloid (A Kiss in Times Square)
(A Petrarchan Sonnet Inspired by John Donne)

by Zachary Sandri

I’ve been to see my love a dozen times,

and each time features of her flesh do change.

In all my searching, love hath rearranged,

yet every time my mistress stands sublime.

Rosy cheeks reflect mirrors free from grime.

Spirit, here confined; images estranged.

In mine hungry eyes, a body is exchanged

for celluloid, my heart’s great petty crime.

On screens in cinemas my love doth wait.

We share a kiss twixt dancing Times Square lights

or lay prostrate in emerald fields of fate.

Alas, with absent warmth it feels not right.

My love in paper lights doth glow and gleam.

My lips press up against the movie screen.

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