Bon Voyage English Department!

Once again, the semester has flown by and is coming to an end. It has been a wonderful experience to contribute to this blog. I have been able to narrow

Libraries, Reading and Day-Dreaming

Author Neil Gaiman gave a lecture on October 15th as part of The Reading Agency annual lectures about the importance of libraries, reading and day-dreaming. In order to raise literacy

Oh, that is where the phrase came from!

The origins of expressions and phrases used every day are not given much thought. Haven’t you ever wondered how the English-speaking world came to use these phrases? Here are the

E-reader vs. Paperback

I recently read an article on Scientific American pertaining to how technology has changed the way we read. With the invention of e-readers such as Kindle, Nook and the iPad,

Importance of Letters

What has happened to the presence of handwritten letters? Remember when you received a letter from a loved one? Or perhaps a festive invitation to an event with confetti popping

The Giver Movie

Filming has begun of the highly-anticipated movie version of the beloved Newberry Award winning novel, The Giver. Here is the run-down of the cast: Jonas will be played by Australian

Definition of Violence

Violence is an act ubiquitous in the world today. As part of an assignment for Dr. Mackenzie’s American Literature class subtitled A Search for Identity Amidst Violence, Sanda Lingle, a first-year

Beowulf films and screenplays

This week I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Stodnick’s History of British Literature class. The assignment was to create a screenplay and film out of Beowulf’s death and legacy,


Hello peers, my name is Lauren McManus and I will be contributing to this magnificent blog. I am currently a senior English major and am excitedly awaiting graduation, while contemplating

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