Literary Obituary: Gabriel García Márquez

The death of Gabriel García Márquez yesterday at the age of 87 closes an era of literary history. There’s a fair chance that when somebody looks at your dates, a

UTA English Obituary: Emory Estes

When I moved into the Chair’s office in the far corner of 203 Carlisle Hall, in 2002, the first person to visit me in my new digs was Emory Estes.

Literary Bicentenary: Goncharov

Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov was born on 18 June 1812 (adjusting for the vagaries of the Russian calendar). Today is his 200th birthday. Goncharov wrote Oblomov, and Oblomov made Goncharov’s reputation

Literary Bicentenary: Robert Browning

Robert Browning was born on 7 May 1812; today is his 200th birthday. Like many readers’, my first exposure to Browning was “My Last Duchess.” It is probably the most-orally-interpreted

Literary Obituary: Adrienne Rich, 1929-2012

It’s an old-fashioned, an outrageous thing To believe one has a “destiny” — a thought often peculiar to those who possess privilege — but there is something else:   the faith of

Literary Bicentenary: Charles Dickens

English Matters began with a 300th-birthday tribute to Samuel Johnson in 2009, and makes its belated-phoenix reappearance today to mark the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens on Tuesday 7 February.

Literary Centenary: Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown, one of the most distinguished American writers for very young children, was born on 23 May 1910, making this month her centenary. (She died in 1952.) I

Tier One Comes to UTA

I got a phone call this morning from my friend Chaim Knott, Executive Associate Vice Provost for K-20 Initiatives here at UTA. “Hey Tim,” said Chaim. “I really can’t talk

Literary Sesquicentenary: Anton Chekhov

Today is the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Anton Chekhov, Russian playwright and fiction writer who died in 1904 of the tuberculosis that afflicted him for much of his

UTA English Obituary: Simone Turbeville

Simone Turbeville, who died on 27 December 2009, was a long-time Associate Professor in the English Department at UTA – though it’s a measure both of the ephemerality of life

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