SEL Presents – SMART Boards in Group Study Rooms

Collaborative work in SEL’s group study rooms just got easier. Each of the three rooms now boasts a shiny new SMART Board.

The boards are connected to an overhead projector. Using either the PC already in the room or connecting it to a laptop, your presentation, web page, etc. displays on the SMART Board. So far, no difference from the previous plasma screens.

However, SMART Boards provide interactivity not available before. As a presentor standing at the board, you can use finger touch to click on links, use the pop-up keyboard to enter URLs, you can write on the screen using any of four color pens, and much more.

  • Instructions for use of the Smart Board are located on the wall (left side of board).
  • DO NOT use Expo Markers on Smart Board – They will damage the Smart Board.
  • The group study room will be checked by staff before the room key is checked in.
  • The person who checks out the room will be held responsible for any damage to items in the room.

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