A Slew of New Stuff

A ton of new stuff has arrived during the summer at the library! Here’s a list:

  • KIC Scanners
    These quick and easy-to-use scanners are available at The Science & Engineering Library (SEL), Architicture and Fine Arts (AFA), and Central libraries. Read more about KIC.
  • SMART Boards
    These collaborative spaces can be found in group study rooms in SEL, AFA, and the Central libraries. Read more about Smart Boards.
  • Fax machine
    This machine, which accepts only major credit cards (no cash, no MavID), can be found on the first floor in the Central Library.
  • Copiers with MavID Card Readers
    Our new Canon copiers, found in SEL, AFA, and Central, accept MavID cards and cash.
  • Laptop Cases
    Laptops available for checkout now come in a sturdier case.

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