Reference Spotlight: The Effect of Creep, by Laurence W. McKeen

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Publication Date: May 2009
Publisher: William Andrew, Incorporated
ISBN: 0-8155-1585-5
ISBN13: 978-0-8155-1585-2
Edition: 2, Revised illustrated 
Pages: 800

effect of creep book cover

Synopsis/Annotation from Bowker’s Global Books in Print

Dr. McKeen drew upon 28 years of experience to update the only single reference showing the effect of creep and time. The second edition of The Effect of Creep and Other Time Related Factors on Plastics answers important questions that designers and materials engineers ask when evaluating materials to be used in a design; consider which materials offers the best performance under conditions required by a design, and how a material responds in terms of its shape and dimensions when loaded for a period of time that is more than momentary. Read more of this synopsis.

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