SEL Exhibit – The March of Women

In 1987, the United States Congress designated March as Women’s History Month.  Since then, National Women’s History Month Resolution has been approved by the Congress every year with bipartisan support in both houses of Congress.  SEL has mounted an exhibit to coincide with National Women’s History Month.

Exhibit title is Women: Engineers … Scientists

An observation by the curator of this exhibit is that I have seen far more women students in the Science & Engineering Library in the past few years.   Of course, this does not mean they are going to become engineers or scientists, they may just be using our library.  But I hazard to guess that 98% of the women seen are studying engineering or science.  Even Matel, Inc. (the toy manufacturer) recognizes the fact that women are making their mark on engineering and science.  They recently announced the creation of a Barbie Doll who is a computer engineer.

The century ahead poses many challenges, possibly insurmountable as any previous millenia. A committee from The National Academy of Engineering of the National Academies has determined a list of what they see as 21st Century challenges.   What are your thoughts?  If you are a woman studying engineering or science, and would like to comment on the challenges  listed or have your own opinion, please send your comments to .  Please do not bring up political biases or prejudices in your comments.  We will choose 5 comments from different students and publish on our blog.

View pictures on the SEL Exhibits page.

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