SEL Exhibit at the UC – Sustainability Through Open Access

The Science & Engineering Library (SEL) is currently hosting an exhibit at the University Center (across from the Computer Store). The exhibit is titled “Sustainability Through Open Access” and curated by Jan Figa.

Scholarly communication, the process used by scholars to share the results of their research, has reached a precipice. Current means of providing access to scholarly communication, primarily journals, is fee-based and economically unsustainable.

A viable long-term alternative to cost-sharing and author’s rights respective model is called Open Access, and is built around the non-combative partnership of scholars, librarians, and academic institutions.

Sustainability and scholarly communication overlap in two fundamental areas:

  • As a practice
    Awareness, education, and calibration of researchers from passive producers to informed citizen selecting the proper communication channel that reinforces and promotes the concept of sustainability as practice.
  • As a resource allocation/management tool
    It just plain makes better economic sense not to hand over the oft-government sponsored research for free (can you believe it?) to publishers, that then charge universities Billions [yes, that is B as in billions] of dollars for restricted access that rarely trickles down to the taxpayer.

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The exhibit will be on display until Friday, April 23, 2010.

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