SEL Exhibit – Origami: The Art of Math, Science & Engineering

It’s not thinking outside the box; the box was origami-ed. – Helen Hough

The Science & Engineering Library is pleased to introduce a new exhibit, Origami: The Art of Math, Science & Engineering. It is curated by Helen Hough, and features model folding by Helen and student Mark Christiansen. Stop by and have a look.

Origami is may be thought of as an art or a children’s activity but it has significant additional depth and breadth.

Mathematically fascinating, origami can move from simple geometry to constructable algebraic numbers and more.

A visual medium, origami can be used to build molecular and other scientific models. Paper folding is used to teach principles of mathematics, biology, chemistry, and geology.

Focusing on folding a thin film on a straight line, this technique can be used in manufacturing, construction, and other industrial fields. These principles have even been used to deploy solar panels in space.

DNA origami is an substantive nanotechnology that can be used to manufacture medications, biosensors, and more.

Inexpensive when reusing paper, origami can also a wonderful hobby, adding beauty and grace to our world.

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